DIY Statement Jewelry

Gwyneth and I just love statement jewelry. Some people think you should always take one thing off before you head out the door. We say, Lets do one more bangle. Allright, two. This should not surprise you; you know we arent minimalists!
So when we saw a chain and rhinestone DIY from I Spy DIY, we moved this project to the top of our priority list. This is one fabulous project The tutorial could not be any more clear, the materials are super inexpensive, and I can think of at least 20 variations Id like to make by switching out the chain, rhinestone and closure.
Heres how the first of what will be many chain and rhinestone bracelets turned out:
We were so delighted with the finished product, that Gwyneth and I couldnt just stop there.  We used three different metal chains, some leftover rhinestone trim and a ribbon to make this statement necklace:

You didnt think Gwyneth would be left out, did you?

She was so excited to model her new collar.

We hope you have the best Monday ever!

mk & Gwynnie

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