Its Moving Day!

No, not for me. For my neighbors. And while I hate to see them go, I do love pulling their discarded furniture out of the dumpster. (Hint: the last day of the month is prime dumpster diving time.) What I lack in shame I make up for in furniture; this weekend I was thrilled to pick a small console table and a chair out of the trash pile on W30th Street.
I suspect the previous owner of this table is an animal lover, since the bottom shelf was slightly chewed. Gwyneth was not at all impressed whoever this puppy is, he doesnt have her level of furniture chewing dedication.
Aside from the chewing, there was nothing wrong with the table. But it wasnt anything specialyet.
Im making an effort to introduce some colors to the apartment that are not pink or green. Since I wanted to put the table in my bedroom, I decided to paint it a shade of blue in the bolster Mom made for me. This is an old photo, but I think its irresistable for obvious reasons:

I got supplies and some fantastic customer service at Sherwin Williams. The gentleman who helped me out easily could have sold me the long list of supplies I thought I needed, but instead he showed me a paint-and-primer-in-one and a spray can of topcoat that saved me time and money. Gotta love people making things easier for you! Another stop at Anthropologie for hardware, and I was ready to go.
This makeover could not have been easier. A few minutes of sanding, 3 thin coat of paint, 2 coats of protective finish and 1 knob later
and Ive got a new table that I now find quite special. Im hoping to finish the chair sometime this week, so stay tuned for an update on that one!
mk & Gwyneth (who promises not to chew her mommys new old table)


  1. This is such an adorable table now :o) I keep hearing people talk about all these fabulous dumpster finds, but I live in a suburb in the middle of Georgia where apparently no one throws anything away :o( I really love the color what is it? Between your super cute blog name and your great table, Im following now!

  2. Thank you, Katie! So glad to have you following our adventures. You might not have the best dumpster diving in your area, but I bet you have a Home Goods!! If so, we are je-heeel-ous!! The color is Sherwin Williams Minor Blue.

    mk Gwynnie

  3. What a fab redo! Love the color choice. And well done with the choice, Gwyneth!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Makes me want to go Dumpster Diving too!!

  5. Mom, when I am home for Thanksgiving, we will scout a few good locations in NC. I have some ideas..xoxo from both of us!

  6. And thank you, Michael! We pulled another goodie out of the trash pile tonight, but Gwyneth was too fast for me to get a picture. Theres always tomorrow :)

  7. I did a makeover on the same table last year. I have to say that I love your color choice!

    I found you through Tatertots Jello. We both had a feature from the latest link party.

    You have an awesome view from your apartment and the most adorable dog, except for mine of course! ha ha

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