You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get

Gwyneth is excellent at finding interesting things on West 30th Street. This week has been no exception.
Unfortunately, one of her finds resulted in a 1am trip to the 24 hour vet. Thankfully, Gwynnie’s tummy recovered pretty quickly from her curbside snack, and she has promised to limit all future scavenger hunts to furniture. (Side note #1: If you live in Manhattan and find yourself in a similar predicament as we did early this morning, the clinic on 55th between 9th and 10th is excellent. Side note #2: Mom, it was really sweet for you to stay up checking in on us in 15 minute intervals. You’re the best grandma ever.)
On the up side, her find earlier this week was a real score.
Now, we live in a studio apartment – meaning we don’t even have 1 bedroom. So we realize that bringing in a second bed seems a little ridiculous. But would you be able to pass up this twin headboard and footboard?
Gwyneth thinks not.
We found plenty of alternate uses for headboards on Pinterest. We’re not sure if any will be the right fit for our home, but Gwyneth and I are always up for a challenge.
We love this headboard bench from Scissors & Spatulas:
The minute we saw this DIY, we were sold. But we measured, and our entryway is a little too tiny for a bench. We’ve been rearranging furniture in our heads to find a way to make it work somewhere, but we haven’t come up with a solution yet.
We also really like this headboard coat rack from The Little Brown House:
This application from Gardens & Crafts looks most like our headboard:
We think it’s pretty great looking too. But since plants come to our apartment to die, and we don’t have outdoor space, this probably isn’t the best use for us.
If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them! Right now, I’ve got a patient to take care of and some Cloroxing to do.
We hope your Friday is fabulous! (And less eventful than ours!)
mk & Gwynnie


  1. I couldn’t pass up that lovely bed frame either. Hope your baby gets well soon.

  2. Zelly & I hope that Gwynnie is feeling better!!! (We love the bed, too.)

  3. I can’t believe you found that in NYC! I love it and it has so much potential! I would expect to find that on a roadside here in TX., and you can believe I would scoop it up too!

  4. Thank you all for all the well wishes for Gwyneth! She is back to her normal, tail-wagging, squeaky-toy-chewing self! Vintage Vine, I am so envious of all the amazing discarded furniture you must find!! I’ve been following Nan’s blog for a while and am adding The Other Me Is Sane and A Vintage Vine now! Love new reading material We hope you all are having fabulous weekends!

    mk & Gwynnie

  5. Thanks so much for including my headboard bench in your post! I hope you find something to do with your cute headboard! 😉

    • Meredith & Gwyneth says:

      It was our pleasure! Your projects are such an inspiration! We haven’t found the space for the headboard yet, so it’s currently under the bed! But maybe one day when we have a little more than 470 square feet! Thanks so much for coming by. We hope you have a wonderful day!

      mk & Gwynnie

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