The Dumpster Dive Domino Effect

In making over our home office last month, Gwyneth pointed out that while our version was close to the Pinterest inspiration photo, we lacked one very important element the big, cozy dog bed. (Her behavior has been so exceptional lately that were both pretty confident that Santa Paws might help us fix that later this month.)

I pointed out that we were lacking the tall, corner built-in storage that our inspiration photo had, but we had a short bookcase that would work as a fantastic alternative. Anyone whos watched Oprah knows that being grateful for what youve got can end up bringing you great things, and we experienced this for ourselves last week!

Thats right, Gwyneth spotted an enormous bookcase in the trash pile. It fit perfectly behind our desk, and now were one step closer to our inspiration photo!

The bookcase definitely needs some sanding and a coat or two of paint, but that will definitely be a 2012 project. In the meantime, we went straight back to Pinterest for arrangement ideas. There were so many beautiful photos that we thought wed share a few of our favorites with you:

From Lonny

And heres the close up of our arrangement (which, we are sure well rearrange at least 83 times between now and 2012!)

This was a true dumpster delight because.

The bookshelf became better storage for the office things we need, for the box of books underneath the bed and for a the accessories we stored in our wicker chest when we didnt have room for them.

The empty chest is now the linen closet weve been dreaming of.

And the smaller bookcase that got this gratitude party started? Its back in the bedroom storing some of the accessories that were previously overflowing from our closet!

Gwyneth is so proud of her find! I think she should be, dont you?!?

mk & Gwyneth


  1. Im always amazed at the things you are able to find! Your office space has turned out so cute!

  2. Thank you! I think this find was probably the best yet! The bookcase has definitely come in handy! Now I just need to find some time to paint it!!

    mk G

  3. Hey Meredith! I just found your blog and am so inspired by all of your creations and recreations! I was wondering what exactly that bookshelf that you put on its side now is called? It is genius!! Thanks!!

    • Meredith & Gwyneth says:

      Hi Kaili! So glad to have you reading! As for the bookshelf.were not 100% sure what its called because its one of the pieces that we pulled out of the trash pile back in NYC! So we have no idea where it came from. So sorry!

      mk G

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