Top 10 of 2011 – Dumpster Diving and DIY-ing Projects

2011 was the year that Gwyneth and I packed up our lives in North Carolina and moved to New York. With considerably less living space to work with and the objective of making 400 square feet feel like home, 2011 was also the year that we had to get rid of a lot of the stuff we’d been hanging on to.

In getting rid of the stuff that we didn’t love, we found some extra room – even in our tiny space. Room that quickly filled with items we found while dumpster diving. Sure, there were a few times we hauled something up 17 floors, realized it was more trash than treasure and hauled it right back down to the street. And there were times when we poured so much time and love into a DIY that it took someone with perspective to tell us it looked like an elementary school arts and crafts project. But with loads of inspiration from my Mom and Gwyneth’s grandmother, fellow bloggers and the gem that is Pinterest, we turned a lot of trash into treasure.

We learned to do to a lot of new things, and we had a lot of fun. And apologies for getting all Oprah on you, but dumpster diving and DIY-ing was what made 2011 the year we set out to transform our space in New York City and the year we wound up transforming the entire experience.

So here’s a big part of what made NYC feel like home – Our Top 10 Dumpster Diving and DIY-ing Projects of 2011.

mk& Gwyneth


  1. What great projects! You obviously have a special touch, your after pictures look like they should be in a magazine! Visiting from Southern Hospitality.

  2. Hi! I am visiting from Southern Hospitality and I am so glad I found your blog! I read this post, then your bio and found that you are from NC (like me). Then I read some more of your posts and I absolutely love them! You are living my dream life!

    I am a middle aged woman now, but I would have loved to have lived in NYC when I was young and single. One of my very few regrets! I look forward to reading more of your (and Gwyneth’s)adventures in the City.

    P.S. That floral McQueen dress was to DIE for!


  3. I love the brush holder idea! thanks!

  4. Thank you ladies, so much! Were you as inspired by all the links on Southern Hospitality as I was??? So many great projects that I now want to do! My 2012 studio improvement list is already on 2 pages of a spiral notebook!

    Gwyneth and I hope all of you have wonderful New Years’!

    mk & Gwynnie

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