Its the Most Sincere Form of Flattery

Since spotting her Greek key lined bookcases, Gwyneth and I have been on a mission to steal this look for our Dumpster Dive Bookcase in the home office corner of our living room. Cassie over at Hi Sugarplum! really knocked it out of the park on these!

Lets be clear. Were serious when we say steal. We werent inspired to line our bookcases after seeing hers. We were inspired to line our bookcases with the exact Greek key color and pattern that she did. Theyre gorgeous, right?

Heres where we ran into a minor hiccup. Gwyneth and I took on two DIYs this weekend. Lining our bookcase was one. Doing our (Federal, North Carolina AND New York) taxes was the other. So when we realized that Cassies bookcases are lined with fabric, we realized we needed a different material to fit into our we-just-paid-our-taxes budget.

So we went where one goes when faced with a DIY challenge. Pinterest. And thats exactly where we spotted these beauties by Vanessa Vargas:

Another hiccup. Vanessas bookcases are lined with wallpaper also out of our budget.

I was slightly discouraged, but Gwyneth reminded me that our dear friend, Whitney over at the Pink Elephant, had just lined the back of her armoire with gift wrapping paper. Bingo.


Seeing Whitneys beautiful armoire restored my faith, and we started the hunt for pink Greek key gift wrap. Well, guess what? No one makes pink Greek key gift wrap. (We find this a little shocking!)

Dont worry, this story has a happy ending! One of the places we searched for gift wrap was Etsy. While we didnt find the gift wrap we were looking for, we did find Pipers Place, a shop that makes a variety of paper goods and takes custom orders. Jamie, the owner, resized the design from her Greek key scrapbook paper and sent us a printable file the same day. We made a last-minute decision to scale-up the pattern a little more (inspired by the Vanessa Vargas bookcases), emailed the file over to Kinkos, and on Sunday afternoon our bookcases went from this:

To this:
A big thanks to Cassie for the pattern, Vanessa for the scale and Whitney for the affordable material inspirations and to Pipers Place for helping us bring it all together!
mk & Gwynnie

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  1. Super cute! I love it.

  2. Thanks, Andi!

    mk Gwynnie

  3. We are on same page! Ive been keeping my eye out for cheap/cute wallpaper to line the back of my built in shelves in my bedroom closet! (Yes, I know you got jealous when I said built in shelves in my bedroom closet! I remember the days of my teeny, tiny NYC closet all too well! Makes me appreciate my walk-in all the more now!!

  4. They look wonderful Meredith! That inspires me to try it myself! Thanks for the great sources.

  5. Lovely bookcases!

  6. Looks great!

  7. Turned out super cute, I love it!!

  8. Thank you, everyone!

    mk Gwynnie

  9. Thats beautiful.

  10. Thanks for showcasing my little DIYthought it made me think I should also wallpaper (wrapping paper!) the inner sides. What do you think?

    • Whit, thanks for letting us (again) steal your great ideas! I think paper on the inner sides would be beautiful! Are there recessed panels on the inside sides? I think I see some, but hard to tell.

      Gwynnie sends her love to Olivia!

      mk Gwynnie

  11. Nice. Really nice. You and Gwynnie did well. And it looks really amazing and original and you



  12. I love this! (Of course, anything with pink is usually a winner.)

  13. Thta looks oh so cute! Love the change and the pattern! Nice job! Thanks for linking up to my party I am glad you are here!
    Please come back next week!
    Stacey :o)

  14. Looks awesome Meredith! It makes huge difference in your space!

  15. that looks great! i actually bought some clearance gift wrap with a stenciled look precisely to have on hand for diys such as this.

  16. I cant get over your projects. Your stuff is so good I could feature you every week!
    One Chatty Chic

  17. Love it! And goes to show you that persistence pays off if you really want something, youll find a way to make it happen :-) I actually prefer the scale of your Greek key pattern over your inspiration it stands out more and really says Im Greek key :-)

    Love how youve styled yous bookcase, especially the piece of artwork.


  18. Gwynnie sure knows her stuff!

    Another great Cinch project glad you linked up!

  19. Anonymous says:

    wow, beautiful!! so i have a question? what exactly did they print it on? and just so you know im stealing this for myself :)

    • Hi there! They used their large-format printer and printed it on a matte paper. Its a nice weight, but not card stock. This made it easy to work with, but I never felt like I was going to rip it while I was working! Good luck! I hope youll email us your finished product!!

      mk Gwynnie

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks so much, I will. cant say when exactly, but I definitely will. smooches!

  20. Loved this when you linked to our Cinch party and its so fun to see it again through The Rooster The Hen party!

    The larger scale you chose is perfect!

  21. Wonderful info in this post thanks for sharing the hunt for the perfect solution. Looks marvelous!
    Visiting from RRR. :)
    Heidi @ Decor More

  22. Wonderful info in this post thanks for sharing the hunt for the perfect solution. Looks marvelous!
    Visiting from RRR. :)
    Heidi @ Decor More

  23. Where did you get the bokkcases? They are beautiful.

  24. Hello! Came over from Addicted 2 Decorating. Looks fab! Can you tell me how you affix the paper to the back? I ask because we have oak which my hubby forbids me to paint and I know he wouldnt want any type of glue ruining the wood as well. Suggestions?

    • Meredith & Gwyneth says:

      Hi Lisa! So glad you found us! Not sure if your hubby will approve of our method, but we used heavy duty clear packing tape to secure the paper to the back of the bookcase. We will say that when we took it down (we took off the paper and threw it out when we moved from NYC), it did not peel the paint off the back of the bookcase. Still, probably not the best solution if you have a great piece of furniture you are worried about damaging. Since ours was a dumpster dive find, we werent that worried. But what about that gummy / putty-like stuff? That might work for you! Hope this helps!

      mk Gwynnie

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