Jimmy Choo Re-Do


Gwyneth once confused Choo with chew. It was an honest mistake. I caught it early, so my shoe guy was able to restore my black leather slingbacks, but the experience was close enough that Gwyneth and I decided to hold off on buying any more expensive footwear for a while.

So when we saw a pair of Jimmy Choo Biel Peep Toe Wedges the other day, Gwyneth told me to put down the paper bag I was breathing into and pick up my supplies. She might need some help with her homophones, but Gwynnie can spot a DIY. Heres how we made gold wedges that are easy on the eyes and the budget.

First, we picked a pair of peep-toe wedges. We went with the Merona Marita Patent Peep Toe Wedge Heels from Target.

Then, we covered everything except the wedge with painters tape and sprayed with gold spray paint. We used the Rust-Oleum Metallic Gold Spray Paint we had on hand, and did two coats on our wedges.
We let them dry for an hour. When we peeled off the painters tape, heres what we found!
Since this was a situation where twos definitely better than one, we shopped our closet for a pair of blue patent leather peep toe wedges.

We repeated the same process with this pair. We covered with painters tape.

Sprayed the wedges and let dry.

Then peeled back the tape and started thinking about all the ways were going to wear these beauties this summer!

mk & Gwyneth

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  1. The shoes are very cute! Youll have to let us know how they hold up over time..did you do anything to seal them?

    Found your blog today, added it to my bookmark list, very very cute! My little Pomeranian Scooter would be best friends with your Gwyneth

    Drop by to visit us sometime, Id love to be blog friends :)

    Ive got a dog blog (www.shespeaksbark.blogspot.com) that Gwyneth might like, but visit us on http://www.justawhimsicalworld.blogspot.com to talk home decor and DIY

  2. Those look so cute!! Megan

  3. absolutely awesome! LOVE the gold wedges!

  4. Love your shoe closet! You are so cute with all your shoe painting! I think you should start a business doing it for others! :)

  5. Oh my goodness youre a designing genius I never would have thought of doing this! Thanks for linking up to the Repurpose-Remodel-Reveal Transformation party!
    Whitney The Rooster and The Hen

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