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We cannot complain; our Expedit bookcase has been a real life changer. But since we styled all 25 cubbies with items we already owned, Gwyneth and I noticed that a few corners of our home were looking a little naked. And since we spent our March decorating budget on the Expedit (on February 25th), our side table needed some low-budget love.
We love decorating with trays and have them all over the apartment because they instantly make a space look both stylish and organized. We recently gave an old tray a new look with some painters tape and metallic spray paint, and its worked out great on our desk.
So we agreed that a DIY tray idea wed pinned a while back would be the perfect solve for our sad side table. If youve got an old cookie sheet, spray adhesive, a little extra fabric and 10 minutes, then this ones for you.
First, spray inside of your cookie sheet with adhesive and smooth fabric along the bottom.

Flip your cookie sheet over and adhere to the bottom, pulling fabric taught over edges on all sides. Cut excess fabric from corners, give corners a teeny spray and wrap fabric under edges.

Using your spray adhesive, add trim along bottom of edge of tray. You really wont see the trim in your finished product, but it will seal fabric on the corners.

Heres our finished cookie sheet tray:

Gwyneth approved my work and thought the framed photo was a particularly lovely addition.

We also made one for the bedroom to help bring a little more organization to our jewelry.
We stopped there and kept our last cookie sheet in the kitchen. Just in case we ever feel like making cookies instead of trays.
mk & Gwynnie
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have to have several of those!

  2. I now regret all the cookie sheets Ive ever discarded. This calls for a trip to the thrift shop.

  3. Okay, that cookie sheet idea is just plain brilliant. I have a couple of rather pathetic specimens that could use some serious sprucing. Thanks for the inspiration (loved the name of the post toocute!).

    Love it!

    And I would LOVE IT if youd share this at Feature Friday FREE-FOR-ALL going on right now!

    Hope to see you soon!

    P.S. Im a new subscriber. : )


  4. Your trays are awesome! I have been wanting to do a gold/white chevron on a yucky thrift store tray I bought, but your striped version is awesome and less tediousI am so doing that! Thanks for sharing these fantastic ideas.

  5. super cute ideas! and your jewelry collection looks amazing. :)

  6. Girl, you are so good. Love the tray! What a fantastic idea!

  7. those look totally awesome!!!

  8. Where is the polka dot fabric from? LOVE it! It makes for such a stylish try.

    • Hi Elaine! Its actually a Royal Velvet pillow case I had lying around without its mate, so I used it here! I bought the sheet set at Bed Bath Beyond, and they are still in stock (and sell the cases separately, so you can probably find one at your local store they are not available online).

      Good luck!

      mk G

  9. LOL I LOVE the very first comment on this postfrom your MOM! Haha! Too cute! Thats totally something my mom would do!
    Your Blog is adorable, and so is your apartment, and of course Gwyneth!
    I lived in SoHo for a year while I went to cullinary school.
    Down there, you get even less for your money, but I was determined to be where it was cute and trendy! Im still paying my bill years later!! So stupid of me! I saw lots of famous people, and had tons of funso I guess thats what matters!
    You and your little NEW YORKIE appear to be having the time of your lives, in the most amazing city ever! I wish you both all the best! :)

    • Hi Erica! Thank you so much for your sweet note! Yes, Mom is the biggest supporter of Gwyneths and my blog!
      And we couldnt agree more with you about living in NYC being about having a lot of fun (and trying not to think too hard about what you are spending to have an apartment the size of a tuna can!)

      Thank you so much for writing, and we hope youll come back and visit again very soon!

      mk Gwynnie

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