Project Paralysis

Have you ever been so hungry that you can’t decide what to eat? That’s how we feel about our future projects list right now. We’ve got so many pins on our “Projects on The Horizon” board that we can’t decide where to start!

Want to help us pick? Here are the projects on our list, and we’d love your help deciding which one to tackle this weekend! It’s almost Wednesday, so that means its time to start gathering supplies and clearing space, so we’d love to hear what you think about these candidates!

1. DIY Photo Backdrop

Now that we have a tripod and remote shutter release for our camera, we’d like to start shooting some of our “Shopping In Our Closet” posts. We could stand in front of our pink door, but how’s that going to look on those days when everyday when we wear something pink? We’ve got a wicker screen under the bed that could easily be transformed into a great photo backdrop, and we love this one!

Oh Happy Day

2. DIY Supply Closet

We aren’t making the most of one of our closets, and we think turning it into an organized DIY supply closet is a fabulous idea. Plus, all of our paint supplies are currently on the top shelf of our coat closet, and that’s a disaster waiting to happen!

The Project Girl

3. DIY iPhone Case

Bethany from B Soup made this adorable case, and her tutorial is so easy that we don’t know why we haven’t made ten yet.

B Soup

4. Desk Stencil

We just love everything about this. Period.


5. DIY Manolo for J. Crew Heels

These beauties are practically begging to come home with us. Except they will probably cost upwards of $500 and don’t come out until Fall. But for the price of a can of glitter blast spray paint we could have these in an afternoon. What are we waiting for??

6. Painted Letter
We’ve got a big letter K that we didn’t use on the pink door like we had planned to. It needs a touch up, and we think a makeover like this would be adorable!
Ampersand Design Studio

7. Nailhead Trim Headboard

We haven’t changed up our Dumpster Dive Headboard for a while, so that means we’re past due. We’d like to wrap the matelesse around the outside of the frame and add nail head trim just like this one.

Centsational Girl

8. Ribbon Key Tassel. 

Seriously, how much do we love this?!?

In My Own Style

9. Rope Basket
This has been on our radar since we wrote about Nautical trends for the closet and the home. Two or three of these would be perfect to store our office supplies in our Dumpster Dive Bookcase.
Design Sponge

10. DIY Shoe Tray

If Gwyneth can resist eating the rocks, this would be great in our entry underneath our console. We don’t even want to think about the things you can track inside a NYC apartment!

Martha Stewart
So what do you think? Where do we start?
mk & Gwynnie
PS: Apartment Therapy has chosen our apartment as an entry in the 2012 Small Cool Contest! Please check out the ways each home is living large while living small and vote for your favorite before April 30th!


  1. These are all such cool projects!! I look forward to seeing you tackle each one. But seriously…the glitter shoes!! You MUST start with the glitter shoes!! :)

    • Hi Beth! Aren’t those amazing?!? Looked through the closet this weekend and we don’t have any pointy heels I’m ready to part with, so we’ll be popping into a Payless the first chance we get! Thanks for weighing in – we have been seriously indecisive lately!!

      mk & Gwynnie

  2. Wow, those are ambitious projects, but I’m a big beliver in the ‘one project at a time’ philosophy and anyone can tackle anything! Thanks for the mention!

    • Kate, you are absolutely right – the one project method is the way to go. Especially when you’re in a space as small as ours is and even tiny projects make a BIG mess! Thanks for the amazing tutorial on the headboard – we can’t wait to get to it!!

      mk & Gwynnie

  3. Rope basket! So unique and on trend. Love it. I’d be up for joining you in making it! XO

  4. The closet! Makes “projecting” so much nicer :-).

    • Mandy, this project is an absolute MUST! Do you have one? Sounds like you do! If so, do you have a link to the project on your blog? We’d love to see your great ideas to inspire how we can make our tiny closet work for us!

      mk & Gwynnie

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  6. Just wanted to say hello! I happened upon your blog when your green dumpster find was featured on one of my blogs. Cute blog and I was surprised to find you were from Wilmington and Carolina. I live in Jacksonville and my daughter, also a Carolina grad lives in LIC and works in downtown Manhattan. Small world. Looking forward to following your projects!

    • Hi Kathy! So glad you found us! Small world, indeed! We are from North Carolina, but Raleigh and not Wilmington. We do love Wilmington and Carolina Beach though!! So glad to have you following along, and we love seeing all of your projects too!

      mk & Gwynnie

  7. So many super fabulous ideas and inspiration … which did you pick?

    And that desk stencil just screams you! Right on down to it’s perfectly straight pink lines …



    • You’ll have to wait and see! Kidding – we haven’t picked one of these yet. This weekend has gotten away from us, but we hope to start one of these this week! The desk stencil is unreal, right?!?

      mk & Gwynnie

  8. Just discovered your blog tonight while visiting Annechovie!!! WOW! I am now a subscriber! Can’t wait to share “you” and your projects with my BFF!!! Don’t know WHICH project you should tackle but I KNOW it will be great, once you put your special touch to it!

    • Vickie, we are so glad to have you following our adventures! And thank you for sharing with your friend! We still don’t know what’s up next, but we have the project bug, so I’m sure we’ll post about one of them soon! Thanks again for reading!

      mk & Gwynnie

  9. All good choices … I’m interested in seeing a rope bowl. But I’ll stick around to see each of them!

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