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Gwyneth and I rescued a wooden letter K from the Goodwill box while we were in Raleigh a few weeks ago. The letter hung in my parents living room when I was growing up back when Mom decorated the house so it looked like a spread in Country Living. Her tastes changed (the house now looks like a spread in Traditional Home), and the K got put in a box thats somehow survived an estimated 15 years of Goodwill drop offs.
Naturally, when the letter was finally on its way out the door, Gwyneth and I scooped it up, brought it home to NYC and gave it a makeover. Heres the before and after:
To share a tutorial would be to insult your intelligence. You know what happened here. Gluing the multiple shapes of rhinestones onto the letter was the perfect mindless project for an afternoon spent on the couch watching a Kardashians marathon.
It took about two hours to complete, but we estimate it would have taken about half of that if I had been able to use both of my hands. Gwyneth was interested in neither the project nor the Kardashians, so I glued with my left hand while throwing the tennis ball across the apartment with my right.
This quick project didnt quite satisfy our need to DIY, and we had plenty of jewels leftover. When I suggested we glue a few onto one of her spare collars, Gwyneth gave me the Mommy, no just because you like to dress up like a Christmas tree does not mean I need to look.
Gwyneth has a point, so I made a few extra ornaments for my wrist.

The bracelet on the far left is simply extra jewels glued onto a cuff that had seen better days. The pink wrapped bracelet is a from pin Im sure youve all seen a few million times (tutorial here), and the silver/gold/rhinestone chain bracelet is another popular pin from I Spy DIY (tutorial here). The pom-pom chain bracelet is one Gwyneth and I DIYd after falling in love with a $285 Matthew Williamson creation.

Heres the how-to:

  1. Gather your supplies:
    1. Bracelet-length chain
    2. Two colors of embroidery thread (1 skein of each color)
    3. 1 foot thin leather cord
    4. 1 foot gold floral wire
    5. 1 foot small beads
    6. Mini pom-pom trim (the same length as your chain)
    7. Pliers (not pictured)
    8. Bracelet closure (not pictured)
    9. Needle (not pictured)
  2. Tie thread, cord and beads in a knot. Section off so one part is color 1, another part is color 2 and the third part is your cord and beads.
  3. Braid and secure loose end (we used a small binder clip).
  4. Weave braid through chain (over, under, over, under, etc) and knot loose end.
  5. Line up your pom-pom trim along chain.
  6. Push first pom-pom through chain and secure around knot with floral wire.
  7. Thread needle with floral wire and loop around pom-pom trim, through each chain.
  8. Continue until you reach the end of the chain.
  9. Secure end of floral wire around end knot and attach bracelet closures with floral wire.
And Molly, its on its way to you as a service fee payment from the Target dress you scored for us last week!
mk & Gwynnie


  1. Meredith,

    Your K turned out cute! And it adds some sparkle and bling to your bookshelves! I love a project that gives me an excuse to watch candy TV.

    I followed you over from the DIY showoff linky party. I would love if you stopped by my blog.

    Thanks for sharing,

  2. looks perfect, what better way to spend an afternoon rhinestones and kardashians!

  3. The K looks so much better now! I am stopping by from the Pinterest Party.

  4. It looks great! Love that watch too. Awesome! Thank you for linking up to A Pinteresting Party

  5. It looks great! Love that watch too. Awesome! Thank you for linking up to A Pinteresting Party

  6. We all need a little more bling!
    Thanks for linking up this week!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

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