DIY Anthropologie Inspired Crock

If youre looking for a DIY that takes about 30 seconds and that you cant mess up, youve come to the right place. In fact, the messier the better for this Anthropologie-inspired DIY.

Gwyneth and I originally set out to paint the handles on our wooden spoons. Within an hour of discovering and pinning this image, it got 111 repins, so we figured it was a project worth prioritizing.

Arent they great? We thought so too, so we pulled out all our almost-empty cans of paint and got super excited about all the free space we were about to create under the kitchen sink. Our excitement was short lived. We then realized that our utensil crock contained only 3 wooden utensils. The 7 plastic spatulas (in varying states of melted) didnt seem like great candidates for this DIY.

Then Gwyneth reminded me about an Anthropologie ice bucket we saw last year, and a new project was born. Heres the Anthropologie version:

And heres how you can have your own in under 30 seconds. Pour about 1/3c paint on a paper plate, and place your crock on top, face down.

Flip over, and let the paint drip down.

Walk away and let it dry.


Our crock is a fun addition to our kitchen as is, but wed love to attach a handle to make it look more like a paint bucket. Were sure theres a simple solve for this, but we dont know what it is. We know one of you will, so please speak up if you do!
mk & Gwynnie


  1. Paint some bottle caps and attach a piece of armature wire or a straightened out coat hanger. Very cute!

  2. Brilliant! I am definitely saving the next dry cleaning hanger and doing this! Thank you!

    mk Gwynnie

  3. Good morning!
    Love your blog! So fun! Love the crock idea, this wood work for some many other things too.
    Hey, you need to oil your cutting boards! This wipe down with olive oil and let sit for a day.

    • Mandy! You are absolutely right we desperately need to oil those cutting boards!
      If you had not reminded us, they would have gone on like that forever THANK YOU!
      So glad to have you following along!

      mk Gwynnie

  4. THIS IS SOOOO FRIGGIN COOL!!! I am trying this ASAP. Thanks for the inspiration!

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  7. Hi! Looks great! What kind of paint did you use? My crock is ceramic I dont think a regular craft paint would wear very well.

    To add a non-functioning handle a piece of bent wire hanger sounds easy bend a little L shape on the ends that will fit against the crock/bucket. To make the little donut things the handle is attached to on the side of the crock/bucket use some air dry clay. You could form it around the handle embed the L shape press the donut to the side of the crock/bucket to get the right curvature. Let it dry paint it to match or contrast with the green and use a heavy duty craft glue to attach it to the crock/bucket.

    Your finished crock/bucket would also make a cute place to store your craft paint brushes.

  8. I dont know what size paint cans you have under your sink..could you use one of them (glue craft paper over the label or use up the paint in your paint can and paint all around the outside then your DIY to use up more of another colour? If theyre smaller paint cans, would this idea work for your desk, bookcase or jewellery display? The hanger idea sounds great for handles.

  9. So clever! Anthro knock-offs are my favorite!

    • Thank you! Gotta get that handle on there soon! Currently working on a very Anthro chair reupholstering project. Fingers crossed it turns out I have no idea what Im doing, so going super slow and hoping for the best! Well see!

      Hope youre having an awesome week!

      mk G

  10. Very neat idea! In factI like yours way better than the original inspiration. Thanks for sharing at Make it Great Monday~

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