Etsy’s Best Bright Baubles

Instantly update your favorite jeans and white t-shirt with one or five of these bright baubles.
Shopping Guide:
1. Neon Friendship Bracelet from Lidart
2. Fontaine Earrings from Colorblock Shop
3. Hand Painted Vintage Rhinestone Earrings from Pretty Little Things
4. Brilliant Crystal Rhinestone Bracelet from Del Mar Lady
5. Hand Painted Vintage Rhinestone Earrings from Pretty Little Things
6. Candybox Curbchain Collar from Colorblock Shop
7. Bubble Necklace from Ily Couture
8. Vintage 1950’s Necklace from Love Obsessed
9. Flower Rhinestone Earrings from Colorblock Shop
10. Funky Neon Necklace from Jewels of Sayuri
11. Leather Triple Wrap Tassel Bracelet from E Kammer Accessories
12. Neon Navette Necklace from Lily Dawson Designs
13. Teardrop Neon Necklace from Rocks Paper Metal
14. Mod Geometric Earrings from Adriana Soto
Gwyneth and I can’t get over the Leather Triple Wrap Tassel Bracelet, and for 1/3 of the price of J. Crew’s version, the Bubble Necklace is a no brainer!
mk & Gwynnie
Update! Emily from E Kammer Accessories has offered you 10% off your purchase at her Etsy shop! As if you needed another reason to snatch that Triple Wrap Bracelet! Enter EKFIRST at checkout to get your discount. Thank you, Emily!!


  1. how’s the hair—are you experiencing total cabin fever?

    • HA! Finally washed my hair and got out today – thank GOD! Yes, Gwyneth and I both had serious cabin fever this weekend! Thanks for asking! And the 5 minute blow dry sans round brush made it all worth it!

      mk & G

  2. Thank you so much for including my neon triple wrap bracelet! Absolutely love this post…I have a neon obsession too that started with cambridge satchel.

    Please feel free to use the code EKFIRST in my etsy shop for 10% off.

    Thanks again ladies and keep up the great work!


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