Part III of the Chair DIY The Finale

After a few hundred upholstery staples, at least 30 photos texted to my Mom, several DIY upholstery searches on You Tube and two trips to Mood, our DIY upholstered chair is finished!

First, a huge thank you for cheering us along on this one! Wed still be stuck on the second row of staples if you hadnt sent us your suggestions, tutorials and encouragement! For those of you who are new, this project was a big stretch for us! You can catch up on our Part 1 of this DIY here and Part 2 here.

So on the last episode of Meredith & Gwyneth Have No Idea What Theyre Doing, you saw that we finished the seat, but ran out of leather in the process. Although this would have been a disaster to some, were believers in more is more, so we saw it as an opportunity for a little pattern layering.
We told you that we were planning on picking up a yard of the Waverly green leopard print fabric weve used in other areas of the apartment, but when we got to Mood, things changed. Frankly, we should know better than to go to there with a plan!
Was anyone surprised to see we went with lavender damask print? While we only have faint traces of lavender in the apartment, it was a good coordinate for the leather, and isnt this DIY about trying new things anyway?!?
Speaking of trying new things, lets talk about the Upholstery for Dummies technique we used for the back of the chair. After a few failed attempts fighting our traditional staple and pull taught method, we thought it would be smart to adhere the fabric to the foam before attaching it to the chair. This way, when it was time to put the foam back onto the curved back of the chair, the fabric would fold easily into the grooves of the foam.
This could not be any easier. First, spray the fabric facing side of the foam with spray adhesive.

Then line up the sprayed side of the foam with your fabric, weigh it down and walk away for a bit.

Once your fabric is stuck to the foam, use your staple gun to attach the foam to the back of the chair.
After using a little wood filler on the scratches and dings in the wood, our new chair was finished!

And here she is with the rest of the living room:

We did it! And by we, Gwyneth and I are referring to the two of us and all of you. Thank you for coming along on this one with us!
mk & Gwyneth
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  1. I love it!!!! I really like how you mixed the two patterns!

  2. Love the finished piece! You did a great job :) Yes, I was surprised that you chose the purple damask, but I think its perfect!

  3. Im impressed! And may I apologize for being a bit absent the past few weeks the link parties take so much time (I insist on visiting all links) and then I was challenging myself last week with my own furniture project

    But love the finished product! And now Im off to read up on all the posts from last week I missed



  4. Ill bet that chair dances around your apartment singing I feel pretty when no one is home!

  5. Its so Anthropologie(ish) with a M G touch! Its fabulous and I love the seeing the photo in your eclectic room, it couldnt fit in more perfectly!

    • Thanks so much, Pam! We think the room is officially done now! Dont think we can add anything else to the living room or really anywhere else! Not sure what were going to blog about now, since the rest of our project list is pretty boring! Not sure people want to read about how to fill holes in the wall and touch up paint!

      How are your chairs coming along? We cant wait to see them!

      mk Gwynnie

  6. Love it! Your cute little chair reminds me of the happy chairs I drooled over at the Country Living Fair. Doesnt it just make you smile every time you look at it? Good Job!

    Never mind you get to shop at MOOD! WooHoo! (Big Project Runway fan here!)

    • Thanks, Susan! Our crazy chair does put a big smile on both of our faces! Where / when was the Country Living Fair??
      And yes, Mood is the best! Every time I go, I come home and tell Gwyneth about 6 more projects we need to do!

      mk Gwyneth

  7. I absolutely ADORE your blog (and your apartment)!! Im movng to Toronto soon (Canadas NYC) and love all your thrify ideas!!! Adding you to my links!

  8. AWESOME!!! Love the cute new chair.

  9. Great job! I love the two fabrics! Thanks for linking up to the All Star Block Party!


  10. Love, love, love that chair! Thank you for entering in the Craftastic Competition! Good luck!

  11. Love, love, love that chair! Thank you for entering in the Craftastic Competition! Good luck!

  12. Hi! Visiting from the Bloggy Olympics at Hating Martha. Love that lavendar damask you did a fab job on the chair! I need to follow some of those tutes to try this myself :)

  13. I think I would have been scared to mix the fabrics, but I absolutely adore the end result. Perfectly cheery in its non-matchiness. Thanks for linking up to the Bloggy Olympics.

  14. Love it! What a fun chairand your living room is darling! Thanks for linking at the bloggy OlympicsIm so glad to have found your blog!

  15. That chair is really cute and looks perfect in your room.

  16. ADORABLE!!! LOVE the fabrics you chose..perfect!!! You are really making quite a cozy home! :)

  17. Your chair is fun love how it came out :o)
    Thanks for linking up this week! So happy you did!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  18. Looks great, I admire anyone who can reupholster because its not easy! Love the fabric choices as well.
    Im stopping by from the Craftastic Competition, thank you for entering.

    • Thanks, Molly! Upholstery is seriously intimidating, isnt it?!? This chair was a lot easier than we anticipated, but there are some seriously talented bloggers out there upholstering entire couches! Crazy impressive!

      And thank you so much for hosting! Have a wonderful weekend and a Happy Fourth!

      mk Little G

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