Blogger Crush: Amanda from A Co. est. 1984

As any Southern gal with a few years of cotillion under her skinny metallic belt knows, a proper introduction includes a conversation starter on a topic that unites two or more parties. The goal is to spark a comfortable dialog between the person who you are presenting and to whom they are being presented. Gwyneth and I aren’t sure if we nailed the who / whom, but we think Emily Post would approve of this introduction:

Friends and readers, may we present Amanda from A Co. est 1984. She has a shoe room.

When did you start blogging and what inspired you to do it?

I started blogging almost three years ago and it was inspired by a friend, who at the time, had started a food blog.  I loved the idea of it, was totally unfamiliar with blogs and asked her what I could blog about.  She gave me a look like I was crazy and said I should blog about fashion (‘obviously’).  And so it began!

We think that was a good call by your friend! So how would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is girly chic with an edge.  I love feminine clothing but I never want it to be too sweet.  I like to look girly, but I like to toughen it up with leather or an unexpected shoe or lots of layers.

Do you see similarities between the way you dress and the way you decorate?

Interesting question!  Not really.  My style at home is more warm modern, and I’m less afraid of masculine details.  I don’t like things to be too girly in my decor, as I want all my guests to feel comfortable.  I love an inviting environment; neutrals with smaller pops of colour, nothing too dramatic (ie. black walls or stark furniture) as warmth appeals to me.
What are your favorite steals for the closet and the home?

For the closet, I love thrifting and you can definitely find some great things there, but you have to be willing to dig.  I recently found a Theory top for $6 (score!) and countless, beautiful vintage items like luxe coats, or even more recent, modern jackets and more.

For the home, I love HomeSense and always find stuff there.  Their items are so eclectic, and every trip there is different.  I have found countless conversation pieces there (horse-hair storage boxes, cool decorative vases and fantastic artwork) and the price points cannot be beat. 


How about the splurges?

I’m not a big splurger when it comes to clothing. I love beautiful pieces, but I very rarely spend a good chunk on one piece.  I did make a big splurge once though – on Louboutins. Although [they’re] not a classic shape or colour, I do wear them (and ultimately they are part of my home decor too!).

This past summer I also purchased a [Masion Scotch] leather jacket in mint green.  The price wasn’t so high, but considering the colour, it’s not exactly the classic piece I’d spend money on. But I just loved it so much – I had to have it.

You admit you might be a shoe hoarder. You’re in good company. What pair would you most like to find under the Christmas tree this year?

Haha thanks! I would love love love to get a real pair of Isabel Marant ‘Bekket’ high-top sneakers.  I bought a knock-off pair this fall and love them, but the real deal would be so amazing.


Here’s the moment y’all have been waiting for. Check out Amanda’s shoe room. Yes, room, people.

Want to see the rest of it? (Duh.) It’s right here.


Any bags knocking your socks stilettos off lately?

I love love love the Celine Tote in all black. I swoon when I see it.
If you found an extra $50 in a coat pocket, what would you buy? What if you found $500?

That’d be fun!  With $50 I would hit up Joe Fresh but with $500, my first instinct is to splurge it on one item, but then my responsible self tells me to spread it across multiple purchases (likely shoes!)…
With the holidays right around the corner, what’s your favorite holiday party look?

I love mixing casual pieces with dressier pieces to create a unique look (like a sequined or metallic skirt with a basic tank or tee) or shorts, tights and a silky top.

Which DIY project are you most proud of?

Probably my Napkin Rings for the table (or as a house-warming gift): 


And my Cap-Toe Flats:

Any DIYs on the horizon you’re most excited about? 

Sewing! I love to sew, and I’m self-taught (and quite amature), but I want to create more pieces.  I love wearing my own designs, it’s such a great feeling of accomplishment.  I recently made a maxi skirt and a flowy chiffon top.


We can’t wait to see Amanda’s next creations, and we know you’ll want to too! You can keep up with Amanda by following her blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram! Thanks so much for coming over, Amanda! We loved having you!



mk & Gwynnie



  1. Thanks Meredith (& Gwyneth ;)!! It looks great!

  2. Matilda Joyce says:

    What am I doing, thinking of turning some spare space into an office when I could have a SHOE room???

  3. Thanks for introducing me to an awesome blog!

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