Hit This Sale: Charm Chain

Fellow over-accessorizers, rejoice! Baubles from designers like Elizabeth Cole, DANNIJO and Frieda and Nellie are 25% off at Charm & Chain through December 14th! These 11 pieces definitely make a statement. And unless we misunderstood, the statement they made was that they want to come home with us.

Shopping Guide:
1. Freida and Nellie Purple and Blue Crystal Drop Earrings
2. Mawi Teardrop Crystal Ribbon Necklace
3. Erickson Beamon Confetti Fringe Earrings
4. Elizabeth Cole Chain Pear Earrings
5. DANNIJO Symson Cuff
6. Elizabeth Cole Crystal Nameplate Bracelet
7. DANNIJO Monaco Earrings
8. Shourouk Rita Cadillac Necklace
9. Suzanna Dai Silver Sunset Blvd Cuff
10. Noir Asymmetrical Pyramid Ring Set
11. Noir Neon Blue Cord Earrings


Promo code is CC25OFF. Lets hit it.


mk & Gwynnie


  1. Matilda Joyce says:

    Beautiful! I especially love the Monaco earrings. While the ring is loveli, Im positive Id hurt someone with it (like myself!)

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