Goodbye, New York

It is with a hole in my heart and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby in my hand that I’m writing tonight to tell you Gwyneth and I will be leaving New York City.

Since we shared the news that I got laid off at the end of the Summer, we have done our best to make staying in New York work. But we made a commitment to ourselves that we’d wave the white flag before we’d risk our financial health, and we are out of time. Packing up our apartment, patching the anchors in our walls and painting over our pink door are what’s on this month’s agenda for The New Yorkies. (Oh, the irony.)

I wish I could tell you that I’m at peace with the decision to move back home to North Carolina, but I’d be lying. While there is so much I am thankful for, I can’t stop worrying – this morning I actually broke out in hives. What are people going to think when they hear that at 32 years old, I had to move back in with my parents? Will they think I’m the loser that I feel like? What if my building won’t let me get out of my lease? How am I going to keep it together when it’s time to paint back the door? Do I have to change the name of the blog now? Why am I worrying about all of this instead of being grateful that my parents are able and more than willing to take me and Gwyneth in? These are the questions playing on repeat in my head.

I don’t know the answer to any of them, but I do know this – Gwyneth and I started this blog because we lived in New York City and didn’t want to be here. We set out on mission to make New York City feel like home, and we did it. I am prouder of accomplishing that goal than any other. More importantly, the days spent getting there were the happiest I’ve known – so far.

So here we go. Round 2. And this time around we don’t just have some experience under our belt; we’re surrounded by the people who love us the most. In fact, they’re right down the hall.


mk & Gwyneth


  1. Gerry Ralston says:

    You and Gwynie have been so much fun to follow and dream with.
    It’s not over yet.
    Don’t you know that there is an opportunity out there that couldn’t have appeared for you because you were all tied up in New York, making life so interesting for the rest of us.
    Pack your memories, hustle back to NC, keep smiling, and stay as sharp as you obviously are, but keep an eye on the door, because something will be comin’ through for you.
    That pink door wasn’t swell for nothin’.
    I can’t thank you enough for all the joy your wonderful clever spirit has rained on all of us.
    I am so eager to hear the next story.

  2. I am so sorry that you are sad about this move. But you do have reason to be proud of what you have accomplished. You will make a new home and it will be better than ever because that is who you are and what you do. Be happy for new opportunities and no more loser talk!!

  3. Oh dear, you should know i shed some tears while reading that post. I really hope that you’ll continue this blog back home, it’s amazing! Im so glad you quit before taking financial risks, that is really wise. And be grateful that you have parents that kind to offer you to come back live with them. There’s nothing loser about it, in fact this whole project with New York shows that you are a very independent woman and not a quitter, you have so much to be proud of :)
    Maybe someday you’ll be able to return to New York. Until then i guess there are doors and walls to be painted in North Carolina, and don’t they have dumpsters in NC ? Just remember, what you created and experienced in NY was your personality acting, and you dont need to change that, it’s not the cities that define who you are. I really hope the Best for you and gwyneth, and in your NY adventure you have an extraordinary memory, you’re so lucky.

  4. May God give you comfort in your decision throughout this new phase in your life : )!

  5. Hi sweetie!

    I must have missed the blog about you being laid off. I am so sorry. This economy sucks!!
    You are NOT a looser! On the contrary, you are brave, resourceful, obviously intelligent, and you gave it your best.
    So many young people are heading back home because they either can’t get jobs or because they cannot afford to live independently on the wages they are making. This is a common factor now and is a sign of the times.. I am certain you will find another job back home. You are a very desirable recruit: Early 30’s, single, gorgeous and intelligent!

    Hey it’s you and Gwenyth the Carolina Yorkie now…Love it, love you, hang in there!

  6. Merideth, I have so enjoyed your blog. Please don’t feel as if you are not a success. I moved back home with my parents at age 30 and age 50. Stuff happens in life that are beyond our control. Now my 27 year old son, his girlfriend and my brother who is 54 (I’m 58 now) all live together because it is just too tough for people to make it on their own with this economy. Nothing is forever and no matter what you do, I know you will be successful. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and I look forward to you new adventures. Like one of the other women posted, there are lots more doors to be painted and dumpsters to be diving. Take care. Sharon

  7. No more loser talk! Sometimes life throws crazy punches, but in my opinion, it usually just means there’s something even more exciting around the corner. Keep your chin up, pretty lady. This too shall pass, and you’ve created something really special with this blog. Keep it up. XOXO.

  8. Hang in there! You and Gwenyth are making a very adult decision and protecting your financial future. It may not make you feel much better right now, but you will be better for it! Always remember that you have family and friends (and blog followers) who love and support you!! Can’t wait to see the next round of adventures from NC!

    (Maybe you won’t have to paint the door. If I were renting your apt, I would DEFINITELY want to keep the door!!!)
    XO and Good luck!!!

  9. First of all, you look amazing in that green skirt! And second, I am happy you will be in NC!
    This is just a new step and you will pave your new way with style and grace, of that I have no doubt. I look forward to following along, and hopefully we can get together…shopping trip at Gena Chandler perhaps?

  10. I’m sad to hear you will be leaving NYC but it sounds like it’s for the best! You are NOT a loser for moving back in with your parents for awhile, especially if you’ve been laid off for months now! Financially that is the smartest thing to do, and you have to do what’s right for you. I love that you started this blog in order to help NY feel like home and that’s exactly how you’re leaving it. I can’t wait to read more about your journey in NC!

  11. What all the other commenters have said! :)

    I SO enjoy your blog and hope that you’ll continue to keep up updated on the adventures you and Gwyneth will find in North Carolina.

    You’re an intelligent woman with a lot going for you. I know everything will work out for you!

  12. Aww, sweet Meredith you are an inspiration on so many levels, and this wise decision is just one more! Getting to know you and Gwenyth through your blog has been so much fun, living vicariously through you and your dumpster dives,your fashionable outfits, and your award worthy DIYs ~ I have no doubt you’ll not only make the BEST of any situation but you’ll make it a huge, inspiring success!

    XOXO ~ Pam & Rio

  13. Dear Meredith and Gwyneth;
    Y’all are not losers for being smart to recognize that you need to retrench for a while. I do hope you’ll continue the blog as I (and scads of others) have so enjoyed it. May the upcoming new year bring you all the good things you deserve.

  14. Meredith,

    So sad to hear you will be leaving NYC, but I KNOW there must be even better things ahead for you! Change is always so scary. Your positive attitude will get you through the toughest times. I’ll be looking forward to reading about all your DIY projects and adventures around North Carolina! It’s been inspiring to follow along on your adventures of really making a place far from home feel like home…that’s quite an accomplishment!!

    Enjoy your holidays! Wishing 2013 is a wonderful year for you and Gwyneth!
    Saguaros & Stilettos

  15. Matllda Joyce says:

    I am only sad for you because you are sad… but I know that God has great plans for you, and you need to be in the place where you can live them out (as someone said above).
    And if Gwyneth is not an old Yorkie, then she is a new Yorkie, right? So the blog name can remain the same!

    Blessings –

  16. No one is a looser in life that sets out to try something new!
    Life is a Wonderful Adventure!
    There’s no such thing as “looser” in the Gift of Life.
    You have been so very successful…and I bet those that know
    and love you the most know you’re a winner no matter what
    you set your mind to do.
    Hope you keep up with your blog!
    The adventures both long term and daily are so very
    exciting…and us readers just love you for living them!
    You take care.
    Muster up that courage to make the move.
    In the mean-time I’ll be praying for miracles to come
    your way…both Big ones and Small ones!
    Take care!

  17. Vickie H. says:

    I LOVE what Gerry Ralston said….I second all of that! May God bless and keep you and Gwyneth in the days and weeks ahead! And I pray that the path you are embarking on will make all of your dreams come true. I will be following along on the blog. I know you will land on your feet, dear girl! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!

  18. THANK GOD you have a warm, family home, to return to and a place to regroup. You made it it NYC, more than I have attempted-or most people have attempted, and that, my friend, is no small task. Nothing to regret, and life lessons learned that will never be taken from you. Moving back home is so common these days, it has happened to me, to my siblings, and guess what? ALL of us used our parents’ home as a temporary “landing pad” of sorts. Trust me, I wish I could have those days back, as mom’s gone, dad sold the house, and life is just a little less sweeter. The days ahead, the next 32 years will be stronger, wiser and sweeter because of what you, and Gwyneth accomplished together. Nothing is constant in life except for change. Go forth in North Carolina, and be a blessing, and be blessed, in return. Independence is granted when we strive for it.

  19. i knew it broke your heart when you told me this yesterday. it always hurts a little when you have to give up and go back home, at least it did for me. but you have people who care and are going to support you no matter what. plus you have a cute little yorkie who thinks the world of you. i know new york feels like home but remember you can always be in a new york state of mind. :) you never know what might be waiting to find you in NC! your adventure isn’t over and i can’t wait to hear the rest of your story!

  20. This is the start of a new chapter and more great things to come Meredith.
    Welcome back to the Tarheel state :)

  21. There’s no shame in admitting something isn’t feasible. Good luck with your move back home, I hope we get to continue to read about your adventures on your blog :)

  22. It is your smarts, crafting, honesty, fashion sense, decorating adventures (including dumpster diving) and Gwyneth that have kept us coming back and reading your blog not the city of New York. Maybe life has handed you lemons in NYC now, but make lemonade of NC. Maybe there are no dumpsters (or maybe there are) in NC, but there are garage sales and flea markets. There is fashion sense in the South as well as NYC (and Gena Chandler). At 32 you are still relatively a baby, think of what you want chapter 2 to be. And, as a mom, I know she will be glad to have you home.

  23. Gerry Ralston says:

    Oh, Gwynie,
    Please tell your mom that New York and North Carolina are not the only 2 places to live in the world.
    For starters, I live in Hawaii, and you’re welcome here anytime!
    I live in 585 sq feet, have shopped at the sidewalk store for eons, love it, and have a great little place.
    Doubt me? Check my email address.
    First thing I see every morning when I run to fling my door open. And it’s glorious!!
    You and your mom are going to do soooo well!! Just you wait. You’re originals.

  24. Hello, I just found you through 4 you with love. I was enjoying reading your posts and perusing your projects so much! You are full of life and determination. I’m sorry that you are left with no other option right now but can only imagine that this move will lead to better things ahead. I hope you are able to keep blogging…you are a natural. Loved the grey dumpster-dive dressers and the stories that went with. Best Wishes from a new follower!

  25. Woman! I am so proud of you and this honesty because this is what it’s really all about… being vulnerable and then seeing where that takes you. I know that you have much success and many adventures ahead of you, this is all a part of your wonderful, crazy, awesome story. I can write this because we live in North Dakota (what the heck?!) and I can trust that God’s plan will be revealed in His perfect time… for YOU too!

  26. This is a new chapter for you and Gwyneth. No need for me to repeat what everyone has already said but it is all true. Good luck to you and Gwyneth in NC.

  27. I have so enjoyed following your blog. I hope you and Gwyneth continue the blog so we can follow along. Just remember to look for new doors that will open to you on this detour. I remember when you wrote about meeting Rhoda from Southern Hospitality. Rhoda went through some major life changes and moved back into her parents home, and look where she is now! She just renovated and moved into her own home. Wishing you all the best!

  28. At various points I have related to the overwhelming anxiety of job uncertainty and the conundrum of where to live and how to put down roots in chaotic times. I think you’re being very courageous to write about it. I also don’t think you should change the blog’s name…New York is part of your story, a significant chapter in the blog’s history…and I think way more is to come, even if it isn’t located exactly in NYC. It seems to me that you will make your next location feel like home with the same panache, and fabulous ideas for your readers. In the meantime I think you could do fee for service consultation re: interior decorating, fashion and home design. I would seriously hire you to shop my closet and tell me how to repurpose/combine the same old stuff I’ve always had! It would save me a bundle, and make me feel less weird about hanging on to an old J. Crew sweater I’ve had for 15 years :)

  29. The name must travel with you. You’ll find your place in the world…this is just a stepping stone, not a set-back.

  30. Elanah Sykes says:


    I still vividly remember the day you breezed into the agency like a breath of fresh air. You brought you unique sense of fashion along with a heavy dose of passion. You make strong decisions without letting fear stop you. There is only power in coming home and taking the time figure out the next chapter. Just like your sense of fashion you are ruled by the status quo. You CREATE it!

    It doesn’t matter where you hang your fedora, you will make a very special home where ever you land. NC will be glad to put sand back between your toes and old friends are ready to see the changes you’ve made in person.
    Bring you and Gwinnie back for some southern love and fun!

    Light, and love,

    • Elanah Sykes says:

      Oops should have spell checked my message!!! It should have been you AREN’T ruled by the status quo. You CREATE it.

  31. Meredith,
    So sorry to see you leave NYC but you’re doing the right thing.

    My husband says he wishes our girls would live with us forever! So I know your parents are thrilled to get your back for awhile.

    Here’s to new adventures and I know lots of other pink doors will be wide open for you very soon.

  32. Sweet friend, I’m just seeing this news — and, well, I’m sad for you! I wish I could jump on a plane and give you a BIG BEAR HUG. With hardships comes opportunity, those opportunities will find you soon! You are NOT a loser and you can’t change the name of your adorable blog. Tell your friends that you’re parents are living with YOU {hee-hee}. Love you, girl! Let me know if there’s anything I can do from Misery {oops, I mean Missouri}. HUGS!

  33. Jessica H. says:

    Meredith, I’m so sad on the inside about this! I love your website. I had planned in my mind for you to come and glam up my Park Slope studio.
    Don’t be discouraged there are great things on the horizon for you. And know that you inspired me to pull a cabinet from off a curb in park slope, if you knew me you would know this is a HUGE deal for me! You have a great talent.


  34. I was going to say that this is really sad, but I believe in my heart that although it’s hard to deal with right now, this is not actually sad. Because you did what you set out to do. That’s more than a lot of us can say about chasing our dreams. I always thought maybe someday I would move to NYC, and I believe if I did I probably would have ended up in a similar position. There’s no shame in anything that you are doing. In fact, I think it shows your character that you were honest with everyone about what was happening. Know that for most of us, we weren’t reading because it was you in New York. We were reading because it was you doing anything, and doing it well! I know I personally will not be going anywhere and will continue to read because you’re awesome and you are an amazing source of inspiration for anyone that has ever wanted to follow a dream.


  35. Vicki Crowe says:

    You are a Total Success! God has changed the direction!

  36. Remember when one door closes another opens, I’ve found that out in my life, it will be no different for yours!

    • Meredith & Gwyneth says:

      Hi Rondell! Love this, and you are 100% correct. Somewhere in this mess there’s a big opportunity. We’re on the hunt to find it! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to leave a sweet & encouraging comment! We hope you are having a wonderful week!

      mk & Gwynnie

  37. You’ve already proved that you can make anywhere wonderful. I’m sure you’ll inspire us with what you do with the hand you were dealt!

    • Meredith & Gwyneth says:

      Awww, thank you, Maureen!
      Love your comment – it’s all about making the best of the cards you’ve been dealt! We’re on our way and hope to share a mini tour of our new space soon!

      mk & Gwynnie

  38. Meredith… I had so many ‘plan changing’ events over the years and if there is one thing I’ve learned it’s that every time the plans change, it is one step closer to the place I’m meant to be at any given point in time. You are where you are meant to be, but you probably won’t know that until sometime in the future. Best wishes for a smooth transition back ‘home’. Michael

  39. I’m just catching up now, which is so so soooo terrible (I almost didn’t want to leave a comment to make it known that I’m just catching up now :S) but I’m sad to read this!!! Awww!!

    I know the feeling though, moving back in with your parents. *dread* I had to do the same thing over a year ago when I went through my divorce, and am sooo grateful they let me stay for a while, while I figured my shiz out, but it wasn’t my favourite thing to be doing!! 😛 That said, it’s TEMPORARY so no biggie, and before you know it, you’ll be back on your feet!!

    Thinking of you and sending a BIG HUG. xo

  40. PS – Annnnnnd I see you’ve got your own place now, so DUH, disregard all that moving-in-with-the-parental-unit-talk 😉 😛

  41. Wow!! I am long overdue in getting caught up over here!! I have no doubt you have landed on your feet and will make the absolute most of it all. My husband and I had to make a very unexpected move in January so I can relate to new beginnings for 2013. All the best to you and Gwyneth!!

    • Meredith & Gwyneth says:

      Hi Karah! Talk about tardy to the party – please look at our delay in answering all these sweet comments! There just isn’t enough time in the day! Thank you so much for the well wishes. We are making lemonade, so to speak! All the best from the two of us!

      mk & Gwynnie

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