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This past weekend Gwyneth reminded me that while I was busy bubble wrapping the NYC apartment, I forgot to share some very exciting news with y’all! If you’re fans of our Facebook page, you may have seen the update there, but if not we need to catch you up! (Side note: let’s be friends on Facebook!)

Our Dumpster Dive Dresser won the Ikea DIY contest! Thank you to all of you who voted! So now that we’ve got a $100 gift card to spend and we’ve started to share our new home in North Carolina, we could really use your help deciding what to spend it on! Here are a few of our ideas, and we’d love to hear which ones you think are best!

Option 1. The home office from Better Homes & Gardens (left) has much to swoon over (we’ve pinned it to our “Interior Inspirations” pinboard three times), but today we’re focusing on those wall sconces! Ikea’s Kramare Wall Spotlight has a similar feel, and we like the idea of adding pair of industrial-style sconces above our Expedit to balance out all the girly elements in our space.  On the other hand, we think a pair of Kryssbo Wall Lamps (spray painted gold) could be a funky take on the more feminine, traditional wall sconce in the beautiful Suzanne Kasler dining room from House Beautiful (right).

Here’s a reminder of how we have our Expedit set up in our North Carolina space:

Expedit Bookcase Styling

Do you think either of those options would work above our Expedit? If so, which do you like best?

Option 2. While we’re talking lighting, we love how traditional sconces on either side of the bed are both pretty and practical. The Annette English bedroom (bottom left) and the Maureen Balsbaugh bedroom (right) are two of our favorites. The Arstid Wall Lamps could give us a similar feel in our bedroom, and for a more custom feel, we could add a band of trim on the bottom of the shade.

We’ve made a few changes since we shared our Cottage Bedroom Makeover with you, but the photo below is close enough to help you visualize how the wall sconces could work in here. (And we’ll share the bedroom updated with what we unpacked from NYC with you soon, so stay tuned!)

Cottage Bedroom Makeover

The Expedit and bedroom sconce options above could be easily incorporated into our current space, but we’ve had our eyes on a few other Ikea goodies that we’d love for our next, more permanent place. Going with one of the next three ideas would be an “if you build it, it will come” approach.

Option 3. Our next place will absolutely have a Maskros Pendant Lamp, and we’d be all right with it if our next living room looked exactly like our inspiration image from Habitually Chic.


Option 4. Another inspirational interior we can’t get out of our head is the home office from Tiffany Richey Designs. Dalmatian print wallpaper, check. Ikea Vittsjo Shelving Unit (spray painted gold), check.

Option 5. Lastly, we’re going to need a new coffee table when we find our next place. Our current coffee table is the bench we had at the end of our bed in our NYC apartment, and we’re hoping to put it back in the bedroom in our next home. We’ve pinned the Nate Berkus and Anne Coyle Living living room from Elle Decor (top) and the Grant K. Gibson living room via Habitually Chic (bottom) as our inspiration photos, and we think a pair of PS Side Tables could be a budget-friendly way to achieve a similar look. (Spray painted gold, of course).

Cube Coffee Table.jpg

What do you think? There are a few combinations we could go with – which one would you choose?


Meredith & Gwyneth


  1. Meredith –

    Too many fabulous ideas to just pick one! I’m thinking you should go for the if you build it they will come options … you know, to keep those positive, glass half full thoughts going …

    :) Linda

  2. Congrats on winning! I vote for the Kramare above your Expedit. Cannot wait to see what you chose. All options are great!

    • Meredith & Gwyneth says:

      Thank you, Gina! And thank you for voting! Love the Kramare! We can’t wait to pick out our prize and share with ya’ll!

      mk & Gwynnie

  3. I like the Kryssbo- fun and flirty.

  4. Matllda Joyce says:

    Totally congrats!!! I figured since we hadn’t heard anything, you hadn’t won. You absolutely deserved it! And you’re not showing up in my feed. :-/

    Anyway, I went all practical on you and looked up everything on the Ikea website. Here are my thoughts:
    2 Kramares = $20 (I’d spray paint them gold. As a matter of fact, I love them so much, I might get myself a set!)
    2 Arstids = $30 (You could do 1,000 things with those shades – and those lights would be very practical now)
    1 22″ Maskros =$50 (WHAT IF THEY DISCONTINUE IT???? At least you’ll have your hands on one)
    Total = $100 and you’re done!

    Tell us what you do!

  5. Matllda Joyce says:

    PSS – I also figured the shelves and side table(s) are generic enough that if Ikea discontinues those exact models, you’d have another fairly close option available there. Plus, as cute as that shelf vignette is, who knows what your needs will be in your next apartment? I used to live in a house with a living room with 5 doors in it – with windows, there was very little wall space available.

  6. Hi
    I like the Kramare for above your Expedit, the other is a little to Octopussy. All the rest of the choices you’ve made a great. Can’t wait to see the result!

  7. i love the maskros pendent. i really want one! and i love the idea of painting vittsjo shelving unit gold. i want to paint everything gold recently.

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