{DIY} Double Rhinestone Collar Necklace

Have you ever found yourself without a real plan, without thoughtfully gathered supplies and with the urgent need to make something? Usually, a few hours after the All-Other-Activity-Must-Cease-Until-I-DIY-Something hits, Gwyneth and I look at each other, agree to step away from the glitter and glue gun, write off our craptastic project as entertainment and get back to whatever we were originally delaying doing.

But sometimes, miracles do happen. This past Sunday, Gwyneth and I began playing aimlessly with every DIY supply we had on hand with low expectations. But instead of looking at each other with resignation, we gave each other the OMG, it actually turned out look a few hours later. If youre looking for an easy Sunday afternoon jewelry project without the element of surprise, weve got the supplies youll need to gather and the steps youll need to take to make a DIY Double Rhinestone Collar Necklace of your own!

DIY Rhinestone and Chain Statement Necklace_Finished

Youll need:

  1. Two 16 pieces of large, heavy chain (we got ours from M&J Trimming)
  2. Three colors of leather cording, each 1 yard long (also from M&J Trimming)
  3. Two 16 pieces of large rhinestone chain (we got ours from a necklace we didnt love, but think this option from M&J Trimming would work great)
  4. Two 12 pieces of grosgrain ribbon

First, take one of your pieces of leather cording, thread it through the ends of your two chains and secure with a knot. This is the color that will be in the middle of your necklace. Then drop the cording through the top of the first link in your chain on the right and pull through.

DIY Rhinestone and Chain Statement Necklace Step 1

Then, poke the cording through from the underside of the second link in your chain on the left. Repeat this step one more time.

DIY Rhinestone and Chain Statement Necklace Step 2

Then place one piece of rhinestone chain between the two metal chains and repeat this step for the length of the chain each time threading your cording between two rhinestones to secure it between the two metal chains.

DIY Rhinestone and Chain Statement Necklace Step 3

Once youve reached the end of your rhinestone chain, thread two open metal links together (so it matches what you did on the other end). Turn around and go in the other direction, securing the rhinestone chain to your two metal chains. When youre done, you should be right back where you started.

DIY Rhinestone and Chain Statement Necklace Step 4

Next, pick your second piece of leather cording and use the same method to secure your second piece of rhinestone chain to one of the metal chain sides. This will end up being the bottom of your necklace.

DIY Rhinestone and Chain Statement Necklace Step 5

At this point, you should have two layers of rhinestones connected to your chain.

DIY Rhinestone and Chain Statement Necklace_Step 6

Then pick your third piece of leather cording (this will be the most visible one), secure to one end with a knot and thread it twice between each link in your top chain. Secure at the other end with a knot.

DIY Rhinestone and Chain Statement Necklace_Step 7

If you prefer clasp closures, secure them to each end of your necklace, making sure each piece goes through both links on each end. If you like to make things easy like we do, loop and knot a piece of grosgrain ribbon through the two links on each end and call it a closure.

DIY Rhinestone and Chain Statement Necklace_Step 8

Tie the two ends of your ribbon in a bow to close your necklace.

DIY Rhinestone and Chain Statement Necklace_Step 9

Last but certainly not least, wear your necklace. Be sure to respond to every compliment with, Thank you. I made it myself!

DIY Statement Necklace


mk & Gwynnie


  1. Wow that turned out amazingly well!! Im so impressed!!

    xo, Jordan

  2. I love this necklace! I definitely want to try to make one now!

  3. This looks fun Im always looking for new jewelry projects thanks for the inspiration.

  4. OMG that is so cool!!! Wow how clever!

  5. This came out beautifully, wow!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  6. LOVE this!!!

  7. Its gorgoeous! Can I ask how long it took to make and the rough cost? Thanks!


    • Meredith & Gwyneth says:

      Thank you, Hannah! We did it in about two hours on a Sunday afternoon! If you dont have a helper that likes to take frequent breaks for walks outside and throwing the ball like I do, it will probably be a little faster! The necklace came at the bargain price of $0.00, since we had everything on hand from previous projects, but wed estimate that you can pick up all the supplies for about $30.00! Let us know if you end up making one!

      mk Gwynnie

  8. Thats really pretty! I love the thread combo! I just clicked over from M&J Trimming and would love to link to your tutorial if you didnt mind.

    • Meredith & Gwyneth says:

      Hi Rachel! So glad you found us, and thank you for the sweet compliment on the necklace!
      Of course you are welcome to link to the tutorial! Wed love that!

      mk Gwynnie

  9. wow..I love all the ideas.


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