{Decor} Mini Makeovers A Trois

After our Cottage Bathroom Makeover turned out to be a bigger project than we anticipated, Gwyneth and I thought wed work on a few areas of our apartment in need of mini makeovers. As serial maximalists, we can always use a reminder that one great piece can make a big difference.

So we started with the space that needed the most urgent help our entryway. When we moved the tiny shelf to the bathroom, we realized how many little things our old set up had going on and decided to go another route. Our new plan was to 86 all the small things and make one big statement instead.

Pink Door & Espagne Print From Art.com


We bought the Espagne print from Art.com over a year ago in NYC, but never found a place in our old apartment that would work for a piece this large. Now in San Francisco, we have an entryway thats too small for even the skinniest table on earth making the spot prime real estate to let our oversized print shine.

All we need now for this area is a small basket with a flat back to hang on the bottom hook, so we can contain essentials like keys and the L-E-A-S-H. But other than that, we think this area might be finished. (For now at least.)

Pink Door & Espagne Print From Art.com


Working our way to the bedroom (where the real mini makeover magic happened), we replaced the standard-issue and design crime Boob Light in the hallway with our Pottery Barn Baby Olivia Mini Chandelier. If we have to have popcorn ceiling, we simply cannot have popcorn ceiling with a boob light attached.

You read that right our chandelier is from Pottery Barn Baby. Fellow small-space-dwellers and gals-on-a-budget, Pottery Barn Baby has some beautiful, small-scale and reasonably-priced light fixtures to check out. And single ladies, dont let the electrical part intimidate you! While hanging the fixture was easier this time around, it was still totally do-able the first time in NYC too. You got this Just turn off the fuse and read the instructions. Neither baby nor baby daddy required to have one of these for yourself.

Pottery Barn Olivia Chandelier


Maybe not mini, but definitely a case where one great find makes a big statement our York Tufted Headboard arrived at the end of last week!

Pottery Barn York Tufted Headboard


Now weve got 9 pillows (7 of which must be placed gently in, not thrown at their designated area before getting into bed), floral print, light pink walls and a tufted, upholstered headboard. Maybe bedding-and-birth-control-two-for-one-special should have been the topic of this post, but lets move on

With the addition of the headboard, the botanical prints that were previously over the bed no longer fit, so we hung them on either side of our Dumpster Dive Dresser instead. Ideally wed have a little more breathing room between the prints and the dresser, but then we wouldnt be able to open the bedroom door more than six inches. You know we generally dont have a problem choosing fashion over function (youve seen my footwear choices), but this seemed like a good place to draw the line.

Botanical Prints


And lastly, the headboard addition had an even better effect on our duvet cover situation. Those of you who have been following for a long time may remember that someone who will go unmentioned got bored and chewed a hole in our old one. When we realized last week that wed earned enough rewards points to cover the Pearl Embroidered Duvet Cover wed been coveting, Gwyneth promised not to eat in bed, and I hit add to cart. Gwyneth seems to love it as much as I do.

Gwyneth and Pottery Barn Pearl Embroidered Duvet Cover

I think shes mastered the fashion blogger gazing-wistfully-into-the-distance pose, dont you? If this keeps up, Im submitting her to House Beautiful as a prop-dog candidate!

Gwyneth and Pottery Barn Pearl Embroidered Duvet Cover

Thats a wrap on the home improvement front for the week, but were already getting excited for the project we have planned for the coming weekend. Its another oldie-but-goodie dumpster dive find that weve found a new use for, but thats all you get for now!


mk & Gwynnie


  1. Vickie H. says:

    Love your little makeovers! The chandy use is genius! Have you mentioned those sconces above the headboard before? They are just the right understated subtle touch. Are you willing to source them for us?
    So glad things are going well for you in San Fran.Gwyneth is beyond precious!!! Definitely the best prop-dog in the blogosphere today! Have a wonderful week!

  2. Hi meredith & gwyneth! Love mini makeovers! They really inspire ideas for my apartment too! Ive been going back and forth if I should get sconces like those for the sides of my desk or my bed. Decisions decisions! Gwyneth is so elegant! Your place definitely looks like a breath of fresh air. Thanks for aharing meredith!!!

    • Meredith & Gwyneth says:

      Thank you, Kaili! We are having so much fun working on it! Cannot recommend the sconces enough! They are the perfect amount of reading light, and you cant beat the price! Hope youre having a wonderful week!

      mk G

  3. YAY!! love them all! i am so excited you got a new headboard and bedding! i am actually looking at the same duvet but in navy dot. still debating if i need all new bedding or not.

    • Meredith & Gwyneth says:

      OMG, Michelle, the duvet would look amazing with your new headboard (Which we are SUPER impressed with)!!

      mk Gwynnie

  4. i like that dog. :)

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