{DIY} Roarke Inspired Sequin Scarf Necklace

Several years ago, before I met the smarter, more reasonable part of this operation (that would be Gwyneth), I put a serious dent in my wallet and purchased a Roarke Clichy Hand Beaded Chiffon Necklace (as seen here).  I justified the $395 price tag by telling myself that its both a necklace and a scarf. Seems fair, right? And now, whenever I wear it, Gwyneth gives me the we could totally make something like that, Mom look. So this past weekend thats what we did.

DIY Roarke Inspired Scarf Necklace_2

Were trying to reduce the amount of DIY supplies we have on hand, so we used leftover sequin fabric from our DIY Markus Lupfer Sequin Sunglasses Sweater, but the embellishment possibilities for this style are endless, and making an extra-overstated one for ourselves is on our ever-growing project list. So if youd like to try this DIY, be sure to check out the variety of styles online for a little inspo first.

Heres what we used to make ours:

  1. Sequin Mesh Fabric
  2. Craft paper
  3. A glue gun and glue
  4. A needle & thread
  5. A 2-piece sew on snap closure

First, we traced our Roarke necklace to make a pattern. Weve got you covered with dimensions if you dont have one of these at home. The length of the necklace is 21 inches from end to end and 7 inches from top to bottom at the center point. Dont worry about it being a perfect half moon. As you can see, our necklace isnt symmetrical, and it works because it drapes when on.

DIY Roarke Inspired Scarf Necklace

Then we added an inch all the way around our pattern, and cut out two half moon pieces from our sequined fabric. (As you will see in the following pictures, we had some vacuuming to do at the end.) We pieced the two half moons together, so the sequins faced each other, and the lining faced out on both sides.

DIY Roarke Inspired Scarf Necklace

Then we took our glue gun and adhered the two pieces of fabric together with a generous amount of hot glue, gluing a few inches together and patting down until the glue dried.

DIY Roarke Inspired Scarf Necklace

DIY Roarke Inspired Scarf Necklace

We kept gluing and patting until the two pieces were completely glued together, except for a few inches at one of the ends.

DIY Roarke Inspired Scarf Necklace

Once the glue dried, we gently flipped our scarf necklace right side out through the opening.

DIY Roarke Inspired Scarf Necklace

Then we just hand sewed the open end closed.

DIY Roarke Inspired Scarf Necklace

Lastly, we hand sewed the snaps to each end of the necklace. One of the snaps went the outside of one end of the necklace and the other snap went on the inside of the other end of the necklace. (Be sure to sew them on opposite sides of the necklace, so you get the drape effect when the necklace is closed.)

DIY Roarke Inspired Scarf Necklace

Thats it! In under an hour we had our own DIY Roarke inspired necklace!

DIY Sequined Scarf


mk & Gwynnie

PS: If youd rather have one of these with a few clicks online, you can still save big time. For $50, you can rent one from Rent the Runway here.


  1. Gwyneth is super smart love your DIY version, and I think I totally have to make one!

    • Meredith & Gwyneth says:

      Isnt she brilliant? Thank you so much, and good luck with yours! We want to see how it turns out!

      mk G

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