{DIY} 2 Easy DIY Small Gifts For The Glam Gal

In todays edition of Meredith & Gwyneth glue an embellishment on anything thats not moving, we have two easy DIY gift ideas for the glam gal. We cant believe were already talking about the holiday season, but perhaps its an indication that well be able to get ahead of it this year. (Heres to hoping.)

So fellow former Girl Scouts, if youre already thinking of ways to be prepared, here are two easy DIYs that make perfect stocking stuffers a Blinged out USB Drive Keychain for the Glam Gal on the Go & a Jeweled Headband for the accessory aficionado. We had most of the supplies already on hand from previous DIYs (like our DIY Union Jack Box Clutch), so save those extra embellishments and turn them into stocking stuffers yourself!

1. Blinged Out USB Drive Keychain

Blinged Out USB Drive

If you know a hardworking gal whos always on the go, this five minute DIY will help her keep those important files accessible at work, at home and everywhere in between. (Note: probably not the best gift for the accountant in your life.)

Blinged Out USB Drive Supplies

You need:

  1. A USB drive
  2. Flat backed loose rhinestones (we used these)
  3. E6000
  4. A key ring (not pictured)

We will not insult you with a step by step for this one. But heres how ours turned out:

Blinged Out USB Drive

2. Jeweled Headband

We had two leftover headbands from the three-pack we purchased when making our DIY Piñata Halloween Costumes, so decided to use one of them to whip up a holiday-party headband. (But lets be honest, well wear it with jeans and a white tee shirt on a random Tuesday too.)

DIY Jeweled Headband Supplies

For this one, you need:

  1. A headband (we used this Goody headband from Target)
  2. A piece of ribbon the length of your headband
  3. E6000
  4. Assorted embellishments (go crazy)

Again, you know what to do Glue your ribbon on top of the headband, then go to town with the rest.

DIY Jeweled Headband


mk & Gwyneth


  1. love these. i want a rhinestone usb now.

  2. This came out beautifully! I love it!

  3. Adorable!

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