{DIY} Custom Mascara Cross Stitch Printable Pattern

Over the next few days, chances are youll be spending some time in the car, delayed at the airport or trying to find a way to entertain yourself during a football game. If youre looking for a way to pass the time, weve got a solution for you. Were just about finished with another DIY Custom Cross Stitch (check out our last one here), and we cant wait to finish it over the holiday and hang it in our bathroom.

In Case of Emergency Put Mascara On Yourself Before Helping Others Cross Stitch

Want to hang this piece of genius advice in your own bathroom? Heres a copy of the pattern we made, so you can recreate this for yourself!

Mascara Cross Stitch Pattern

Happy Thanksgiving!


mk & Gwynnie


  1. Adorable! Cant wait to see it finished.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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