{Decor} Dine In Library

What this post should really be titled is Mother Knows Best. Because like most of the good ideas on this blog, this one came from my Mom.

If you saw this post where we shared the floorplan of our new space, then you may have noticed that our open floorplan leaves us without many walls long enough for our 5 x 5 Ikea Expedit. So after a few attempts at finding the right spot for our beloved bookcase, Gwyneth and I disassembled it and stored it under the bed. And then we received an email from my Mom with the subject crazy idea. Mom knows us so well she started her note with STAY WITH ME, predicting that we would object to her crazy (yet brilliant) idea. With that email, Gwyneth and I got a new dine-in library and another reminder that Mother really does know best.

Dine In Library

As Gwyneth and I started pulling the Expedit parts from under the bed, Mom hit Pinterest and sent us these inspiration photos:

Dine In Libraries

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Our dine-in library gives us much needed storage for our book collection and some of the extra kitchen pieces that were previously crammed into our (lack of) cabinets.

Dine In Library

Dine In Library

Dine In Library

Dine In Library

Thanks for another great idea, Mom! We love you!


mk & Gwynnie


  1. Mom is awesome! That is such a great look! Congrats on another amazing place!

  2. Looks great! Is it covering one of your great windows though?

  3. Love how you display kitchen items on the bottom shelvessuch a great idea!

  4. I love this! What a clever idea!


  5. Looks amazing! Is that a window behind it? If it is, love it even more!

  6. Susie Omang says:

    Open the window behind itotherwise looks like you are trying to hide it. I think the light shining through would be great!

  7. Perfect!

  8. Please show us on the floorplan is the bookcase covering a window? Im confused.

  9. Please show us on the floorplan is the bookcase covering a window? Was it not possible to use the bookcase as a sort of divider between the dining area and the living area following the structural arch where it appears these areas might have been two separate rooms at some time? That would avoid covering a window and still give you the cozy dining/library space. I am sure you have tried everything, but please walk us through your thought process. I love your new apartment and enjoy keeping up with you and Miss Gwyneth.

  10. chatteutile says:

    We have a formal dining room. One wall has a large double window (one window on top of the other, as the room is two stories high), and the other two walls are filled with seven-foot-high bookshelves. My husband even moved a light switch so we could fit in one additional shelving unit. I display mid-century pottery on top of the bookshelves. Its fun to watch guests surreptitiously checking out the books while dining. Your library dining area looks beautiful!

  11. love it! your mom had a great idea! and you have enough windows that it doesnt matter too much that you blocked off that one.

  12. Ofelia, from Mexico City says:

    Im not so clear. The Ikea expedit is placed against the window? In that case, why not against the built in? In this way none window light is blocked I think.

  13. I, too, would love to learn more of your thought process behind your decision!

    That said, I dont mind that youve covered the window with the bookcase. But It looks like you are trying to deny the window even exists, when it can provide a great background.

    For example, the Espagne print looks like its trying to hide the window. Put the print on the opposite side of the bookcase so it can balance the window. I would also take the backing off the bookcase (let those pretty white walls show through), and get rid of the window shade, because the coverings make the space look too dark and stuffy (compared to the other side of the room).

    Instead of all books above the baskets, display some of your kitchen glassware (like your cake stand and vase) in the cubes in front of the window. Let the sun shine and sparkle through some pretty glassware! That way you acknowledge the window, can peek outside while dining, and bring in light that highlights some of your treasures! Just a thought

  14. Oh! And maybe move the storage cubes one row lower? Unless leaving them where they are makes the dining experience feel a little cozier when the window is opened up :^)

  15. Two words: EYE CANDY!

  16. I love it! The apartment is pretty bright as is, so I concur with the covered window. You have great style.

  17. Very interesting! More pictures of this space, please, from various directions so that we can get the big picture. The table and chairs are so curvy and pretty.

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