{Decor} Living Room Update

If you saw Mondays post, then you know we made a few updates to our living room. Gwyneth and I have been busy doing what we do best moving furniture around and dumpster diving, and were pretty pleased with how our living room has turned out as a result!

San Francisco Living Room Bay Window

We moved our couch so its now in front of the other bay window, and were liking this arrangement better because its more open now leading right into our dine-in library. The two big additions are the window treatments (we found these ivory Emery Linen / Cotton Drapes on sale at Pottery Barn) and the white coffee table (that Gwyneth discovered on the side of the road a block away from our apartment).

San Francisco Apartment Living Room Bay Window

Dumpster Dive Coffee Table

We love the two tiers of the coffee table because we can use the top for some of our prettier hardcover books and keep magazines and a small wicker basket with remotes on the bottom shelf.

Dumpster Dive Coffee Table

We also finally got around to styling the shelves of our built-in media center. The shelves are very close together, and theyre not deep enough to fill with books like we had originally planned. We filled them with a few small decorative items we had on hand, but were on the lookout for smaller books that we can add over time.

Built In Media Cabinet

We didnt make any changes to the other bookshelf, but we love this little corner of the room even more with the addition of the drapes.

Living Room Bookcase Styling

Thats all for now! With each of the rooms set up (for now at least), we think its time to update our apartment tour page! Were hoping to find a little time to do that this weekend!


mk & G


  1. hey! where did you get that rug? its fab :)

  2. You have did a wonderful joblove how you style your shelves too!

  3. Your blog has been my go-to for style ideas since I saw your NYC apt on Ikeas website.
    Youre my fav!

  4. Was the coffee table as is, or did you paint it? Perfect size and great utility.
    A thought: If youd like more flexibility for the shelves in the media built-in, your landlord might give permission for you (or a friend or handyman type) to turn the permanent shelves into adjustable shelves with hardware store basics.
    The curtains add such a nice softness to the windows. I loooove linen.

  5. Looking great! I could use you at my house! (LOL)

  6. I love the living room set up this way, with the sofa under the window. So pretty and open. Cannot wait to see your apartment tour page when you get that online. The new curtains and the lamps behind the sofa look especially pretty.

  7. I love it! Its so pretty and homey.

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