{Decor} Our Coffee Table Needs A Makeover

Back in February, Gwyneth and I discovered this Dumpster Dive coffee table on the street. Unlike the rest of our Dumpster Dives, Gwyneth and I cleaned it up and plopped it down in the living room without giving it a makeover.

Z Gallerie Fig Tree

And since February, it’s been on the “one-day” project list. Well that day is today. Or more likely, this Saturday. We just can’t look at this lackluster piece any longer. We’ve got a few thoughts on its transformation, and we’d love your help in choosing. Here are the options we’re considering.

Giving it a fresh coat of white paint and adding brass corners like this Ikea hack from Lonny Magazine would be the easiest and fastest solution, and we think keeping it white would be a nice balance to the other colored furniture we have in our space. (Like this Dumpster Dive Dresser we recently made over and added to our kitchen.)

Brass Corners from Lonny Magazine

But you know how we love color and pattern, and we’re tempted to pick up a roll of snakeskin contact and recreate the look of Lindsey Harper’s bathroom table. Plus, we had success with contact paper and Ikea furniture when we tackled this project a few years ago.

Python Table

Perhaps the best balance between the first two options would be to follow the example from The Vault Files and add marble contact paper to the top. We love how her nightstand turned out and think this could be a great way of adding interest without adding too much pattern to our space.


Another route to consider – reupholstery. We loved this giraffe-print ottoman project we did in NYC and are even more inspired by this bench from Little Green Notebook. Love how the pops of neon add interest to the more fabric!

Little Green Notebook Ottoman

If we had to choose today, we’re leaning towards the python. But we’re hesitant because we have another project from The Vault Files on our radar.

diy-spots-wall from The Vault Files

We simply cannot get over how she made a stencil and recreated the dalmatian print wallpaper look in her entry! Gwyneth and I are dying to copy the look for our entry! Can you picture it here? (Don’t worry, we’d definitely find a new place for the ram head – it’s an apartment, not the animal kingdom!)

Entry Painted Interior Yellow Door

What do you think? Which route should we take for our coffee table makeover, and do we dare draw dalmatian print all over our entry? We’re going to try and tackle the coffee table this weekend, so please pipe up and let us know your thoughts!


mk & Gwynnie


  1. I like the marble paper on top. And YES to the spots!

  2. Brass corners or marble paper on top.

  3. I like the brass corners…..and maybe since tacks are so popular at the moment…
    instead of brass corners…using the tacks as pounded into the coffee table as decor!!
    Just a thought!!

  4. I say go for it! I think the dalmatian print will look fab.

  5. Diane M Gooding says:

    I’m diggin the brass corners!

  6. Hope you doing well. It sounds like you and SF have a great relationship going. My vote. Marble coffee table and YES I’m the entry.

  7. I like the brass corners. Add brass to the legs too. Not sure about the spots?

  8. Thanks so much for including my diy’s here! Happy to hear that you find them inspiring! :)

  9. I like the brass corner option the best. You gotta keep some things simple so the others can stand out.

  10. The brass corners would look great. The marble top is my second choice. Do not like snakes or the snakeskin option.

    I think the dalmation print would be fun in your entrance hallway.

    Can’t wait to see!

  11. You’ve probably already completed your re-do. :) I like the brass corners as well as the upholstery idea. I’m sure the spots would look awesome in the entry…I wonder if they might be tiring after awhile? Of course, paint can always cover!

    So anxious to see the result ~
    P.S. Just an fyi ~ I could never do snake decor. Gives me chills to think of it!

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