{DIY} Seeing Spots Our Dalmatian Print Entryway

We have made zero progress on the coffee table makeover we posted about last week, because weve been busy tickling our OCD with this DIY we had to copy from The Vault Files:

DIY Dalmatian Print "Wallpaper"

DIY Dalmatian Print "Wallpaper"

Heres a reminder of what our entryway looked like before:

Entry Painted Interior Yellow Door

Were so happy with how it turned out! (It only took Gwyneth a day or two to get over her jealousy.)

Get the how-to on Gabys blog, and be sure to check out her other amazing DIYs while youre there!


mk & Gwyneth


  1. Absolutely Awesome!!

  2. Looks fabulous! The yellow door just pops ~


  3. That is such a fun and unexpected surprise for when people enter your home. Just great! I can only imagine how much time and concentration that took! And I agree that the yellow door pops even more now.

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