{Decor} Bedroom Beginnings

Urban Outfitters Curtain Tieback

Theres so much that were enjoying about our new Nob Hill apartment that its hard to play favorites, but our sunny bedroom is currently topping the list of things we love about our new home. Like our initial work in the living room, entryway and kitchen, this space is very much a work in progress, […]

{Decor} New Year, New Apartment

nob hill apartment living room

Hands down, the question Gwyneth and I are asked most frequently is when youre dumpster diving, do you actually get in the dumpster? And until yesterday the answer was no the treasures we find are generally placed next to, not inside the dumpster. But Sunday afternoon Gwyneth acted as a spotter as I climbed […]

{Decor} Apartment Therapys Room For Color

Apartment Therapy Room For Color1

Apartment Therapy and Sherwin Williams are hosting their 2013 Room For Color Contest, and Gwyneth and I are tickled pink that our Pink Is My Neutral bedroom has been selected as an entry! Apartment Therapy will be collecting and posting entries for the warm, cool, light, dark and international divisions through September 16th, so if youve got […]

{Decor} Mini Makeovers A Trois

Pink Door & Espagne Print From Art.com

After our Cottage Bathroom Makeover turned out to be a bigger project than we anticipated, Gwyneth and I thought wed work on a few areas of our apartment in need of mini makeovers. As serial maximalists, we can always use a reminder that one great piece can make a big difference. So we started with […]

{Decor} Our San Francisco Bedroom

Gwyneth The New Yorkie

Its definitely still a work in progress, but Gwyneth and I made some good headway on decorating the bedroom in our San Francisco apartment this past weekend! (If youre catching up, heres where you can check out the entryway, living room and kitchen.) There are so many things we love about our new space, but that […]

{Decor} Home Improvement Project Photo Hunt

Living Room Expedit and DIY Upholstered Chair

Gwyneth and I have been busy working on several home improvement projects as we continue to make our North Carolina space feel like home! We cant wait so share the details with you, but well have to wait for a few days Im headed up to NYC and Gwyneth needs to catch up on […]

{Decor} Interior Inspirations Ikea Ideas

Ikea Sconces for Expedit

This past weekend Gwyneth reminded me that while I was busy bubble wrapping the NYC apartment, I forgot to share some very exciting news with yall! If youre fans of our Facebook page, you may have seen the update there, but if not we need to catch you up! (Side note: lets be friends on Facebook!) Our […]