{Decor} Something Old, Something New

Is anyone still there?  You’d think that the time we haven’t spent blogging has been spent unpacking and decorating our hearts out. But that is not the case; unless you consider moving the same piles of books, framed photos, home accents and other miscellaneous belongings crap from the corner of one room to the corner […]

{Outfit & Giveaway} Spotted At Luxe No.7

As you are well aware, Gwyneth and I are not afraid of shopping our closet and wearing things twice. Or thrice. Or fourwi…whatever. But it’s not often we’ll shop the closet and wear the same outfit twice in the same week. Our new Emily and Fin Ivory Spotted Dress from Luxe No.7 Boutique is a new […]

{Decor} Our San Francisco Living Room Update

Today’s post concludes the tour of our new apartment in San Francisco. Please don’t misunderstand us here – we’ll be rearranging furniture and accessories until the day we move out of this apartment, and there is one big design dilemma here that we need to solve. (Help us, please!) But for now everything is unpacked […]

{Decor} Substance & Style – Our San Francisco Bar

If you saw last month’s post with the first look at our San Francisco apartment, then you know that the area of our apartment intended for dining is too small to fit a table and chairs. So Gwyneth and I decided to do what any reasonable person would do in this situation – use the […]

{Outfit} The Denim Days of Summer

What a difference a year can make. Last Summer in NYC, I’d spend each morning trying to find something other than a string bikini that I could wear to work and still beat the heat. Gwyneth, sprawled out like a Yorkie rug on the coolest spot of the kitchen floor, would give me her “at-least-you’re-not-wearing-a-permanent-fur-coat” […]

{Outfit} Black, Not Boring

When we moved to North Carolina, Gwyneth and I tripled our closet space. Hallelujah. (Aforementioned closet space recently seen here).  But can you guess how many black dresses are hanging in our closet? One. In fact, when our friends over at Klury.com crashed our closet last year and asked us to show them our LBD, […]

{Outfit} Pep(lum) In Your Step

Peplum – you either love it or hate it. And while we try not to be judgemental, we can’t imagine why one wouldn’t welcome this trend back season after season. First, peplum styles nip you in at the smallest part of your waist. Second, peplum styles are forgiving where most of us appreciate a little […]