{Decor} Our San Francisco Entry & Hallway

If you ask the experts, there are several questions to ask yourself when selecting the right paint color for your next project. Are you trying to set a serene or vibrant tone?, What’s the lighting like in the space? Does the color flow from one room to the next? Those are a few questions the […]

{Room Reveal} DIY-Filled Home Office & Some Really Big News!

This weekend Gwyneth and I put the finishing touches on the DIY-Filled Home Office we took on as our “May Design Challenge.” Yes, we realize it’s June 10th, so we’re a bit tardy to the party. But along with our home office project we had another development keeping us busy last month – A development […]

{Decor} Interior Inspirations & Ikea Ideas

This past weekend Gwyneth reminded me that while I was busy bubble wrapping the NYC apartment, I forgot to share some very exciting news with y’all! If you’re fans of our Facebook page, you may have seen the update there, but if not we need to catch you up! (Side note: let’s be friends on Facebook!) Our […]

Dumpster Dive Dresser

This might just be our favorite Dumpster Dive yet! We now have storage galore, we love how the dresser and hutch look in the bedroom, and this project was a great reminder to live in the world of possibility. If you remember from our post a few weeks ago, Gwyneth’s persistance is what convinced me […]

The Domino Effect

When we saw “very Domino” comments on our entry in Apartment Therapy’s 2012 Small Cool Contest, we stopped checking our standing in the contest completely – those words alone were enough of a prize. (LucyTea and FarmingMan, we don’t know who you are, but your comments kinda-sorta-totally made our April!) And if you read our […]

We’re It!

Megan over at A Lived In Home was so thoughtful to tag us in 11 Questions! Meeting new blogger friends and seeing all of their fabulous projects is the real fun in all of this, so we’re very excited to play along! 11 Questions is simple. Here’s what you do when you’re tagged: 1. Post the […]