{Update} Things Have Gotten Weird In San Francisco


This month marks one year in San Francisco for the New Yorkies. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a full year, and it’s even harder to believe that we made it this long. What we never shared with you was that Gwyneth and I didn’t fall for San Francisco the minute we hit the […]

{Simple Pleasures} 5 Things That Made Our Tails Wag This Weekend

Marbled Box DIY With Mod Podge

Like many of you, Gwyneth and I tackle the bigger domestic to-dos on the weekend, so we usually share a room update or Dumpster Dive Makeover with you on Mondays. To be honest, when it comes to making a new city and a new apartment feel like home, we prefer substantial pleasures over simple ones. But […]

{The Mushy Stuff} Three


As is par for the course these days, we’re about a week tardy to the party on this one. Sunday, July 28th marked two years of blogging, or our blogiversary, as apparently it’s called out here on the interweb. You didn’t see one of these posts from us last year. We marked it on the […]

{Decor} Our San Francisco Bedroom

Gwyneth The New Yorkie

It’s definitely still a work in progress, but Gwyneth and I made some good headway on decorating the bedroom in our San Francisco apartment this past weekend! (If you’re catching up, here’s where you can check out the entryway, living room and kitchen.) There are so many things we love about our new space, but that […]

{Decor} First Look at Our San Francisco Apartment

Living Room

Today marks one week since Gwyneth and I arrived in San Francisco! While we’re barely scratched the surface on all the things we have planned to make our space feel like home, we can’t wait any longer to share some of it with you! What you’ll see today is very much a work-in-progress – there are […]

{Decor} Our San Francisco Courtyard & Design Inspiration

Outdoor Patio Inspiration Board

By the time ya’ll read this, Gwyneth and I will have finished packing the closet, and our moving truck will be headed West on Interstate 40. With the rush of packing over, the lease signed and four days off until we fly to San Francisco, we have a little time to start thinking of how […]

{Pets} Take 20% Off Your “Designed For Good” Order & Enter Method’s Cutest Pet Contest

Meredith and Gwyneth The New Yorkie

This blog isn’t really about decorating, DIY-ing or fashion. Those of you who have been following our adventures from Day 1 and those of you who’ve read only one post know that this blog is really about two gals making wherever we are feel like home and doing it together. Sure, one of us happens […]