{DIY} Ikea Lack Table To Tufted Ottoman

After getting pleasantly sidetracked with our DIY Dalmatian Print “Wallpaper” Entryway, Gwyneth and I finally got to work on giving our Dumpster Dive Coffee Table a makeover! Here’s how it turned out (please disregard the haphazard pillows and mashed cushions on the couch. As you can see, Gwyneth likes to rearrange them when she climbs […]

{DIY} Dumpster Dive Dresser Inspiration

If you saw last week’s post, you know that Gwyneth and I scored a major Dumpster Dive find outside our Nob Hill apartment! We’ve been working away at turning this beast into a beauty, and we can’t wait to share the finished piece with you! We’ve still got some work ahead of us, so today we’ve […]

{Decor} Our San Francisco Courtyard & Design Inspiration

By the time ya’ll read this, Gwyneth and I will have finished packing the closet, and our moving truck will be headed West on Interstate 40. With the rush of packing over, the lease signed and four days off until we fly to San Francisco, we have a little time to start thinking of how […]

{Decor} Interior Inspirations & Ikea Ideas

This past weekend Gwyneth reminded me that while I was busy bubble wrapping the NYC apartment, I forgot to share some very exciting news with y’all! If you’re fans of our Facebook page, you may have seen the update there, but if not we need to catch you up! (Side note: let’s be friends on Facebook!) Our […]

Room Reveal: Cottage Guest Room

Y’all, Gwyneth and I are so excited to finally hit “publish” on today’s post. The original plan was to share this room reveal the week after Thanksgiving, but that was the same time we figured out and told you that we’d have to leave NYC. We thought it would be best to space out the […]

Bright Tights, Big City

If you follow us on Instagram, you saw that Gwyneth and I did a little “sprucing up” over the weekend. Since we’re spending a little more time in the home office these days (here’s why if you’re catching up), we decided to give our bulletin board a makeover with leftover fabric from our DIY Upholstered […]

Fall Shopping: Leather for Less

After pouring ourselves into a stack of September issues, Gwyneth and I are getting excited to flip our closet and bust out the Fall wardrobe. The pinboard behind our desk is a sea of looks we can’t wait to try, but there’s one that’s most prominent – leather. We shopped our closet to see what […]