{Shop} 2014 Back to School Uniform

Fall Fashion_2014 Back to School Uniform

Its official were San Franciscans. This weekend Gwyneth and I will be flipping the closet to get ready for Fall, and as we think about how well be shopping in it this season, its pretty obvious that our style has changed with our setting. Were sure well find a few ways to wear our […]

{DIY} Holy Chic Embellished Sweatshirt

DIY Holy Chic Short Sleeve Sweatshirt

We like to get a little cheeky over here. And when theres an opportunity to add something to your wardrobe that puts a smile on your face when you put it on in the morning, its one you have to take. Thats why were loving our new Holy Chic Embellished Short Sleeve Sweatshirt. Want one […]

{Outfit} Lela Rose Ladylike

Lela Rose Pink Tweed Dress, Christian Dior Pink Patent Leather Heels

Were celebrating Spring this week in San Francisco. Yes, thats right. Spring. In July. The month everyone outside the Bay area knows as the height of Summer. While we might be a few steps ahead on the technology front, we always seem to be playing catch up when it comes to temperature. Go figure. When […]

{DIY} Dumpster Dive Kitchen Dresser

Meredith and The New Yorkie Dumpster Dive Kitchen Dresser / Bar

Earlier this month, Gwyneth found the Dumpster Dive find of the century on one of our Sunday afternoon walks. Most of the Dumpster Dive furniture we find and makeover is of the Ikea variety and while were big believers in Ikea hacks, finding real wood furniture with great bones is a true treasure. After […]

{Update} Things Have Gotten Weird In San Francisco


This month marks one year in San Francisco for the New Yorkies. Its hard to believe its been almost a full year, and its even harder to believe that we made it this long. What we never shared with you was that Gwyneth and I didnt fall for San Francisco the minute we hit the […]