Dumpster Diving

NYC Dumpster Diving

When we lived in NYC, Gwyneth discovered what would become our go-to shop for home furnishings the dumpster on West 30th Street. In fact, Gwyneth was responsible for every one of these dumpster delights, and I think it was her sweet face that convinced our building’s maintenance staff and a few strangers on the street to help us haul our finds up to our old 17th floor apartment.

The number one question people have asked about our Dumpster Dive finds is, did you actually get in the dumpster? Thankfully, furniture gets placed outside of the dumpster, so we never went in. But if you had told us there was a Louis chair crying for a makeover inside, we would have given a head-first dive careful consideration.

We hope our trash pile transformations will inspire one of your next projects or the search for your neighborhoods nearest dumpster!



Meredith & Gwyneth


  1. Meredith & Gwyneth says:

    So sweet of you to share our dumpster dive approach to home furnishings! LOVE what you did with your find!

    mk Gwynnie

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