{DIY} Project Inspo: Cuff Me

Bless This Mess Lavish Blazer Cuff

This weeks Ay-Dios-Mio-we-must-make-immediately moment is brought to you by Barcelona brand Bless The Mess and their Lavish blazer. This is happening. Pronto. That is all. xoxo, mk & Pequeña G

{DIY} Weekend Project Plan: Fold-Over Clutch

DIY Fold-Over Clutch

Looking for an easy project for the long weekend? Say Yes to this easy DIY Fold-Over Clutch tutorial we love and fire up your sewing machines! Gwyneth and I whipped up one of these in under an hour one night this week. It was so easy, and we were so happy with the result that […]

{Shop} 2014 Back to School Uniform

Fall Fashion_2014 Back to School Uniform

Its official were San Franciscans. This weekend Gwyneth and I will be flipping the closet to get ready for Fall, and as we think about how we'll be shopping in it this season, its pretty obvious that our style has changed with our setting. Were sure well find a few ways to wear our […]

{DIY} Holy Chic Embellished Sweatshirt

DIY Holy Chic Short Sleeve Sweatshirt

We like to get a little cheeky over here. And when theres an opportunity to add something to your wardrobe that puts a smile on your face when you put it on in the morning, its one you have to take. Thats why were loving our new Holy Chic Embellished Short Sleeve Sweatshirt. Want one […]

{Decor} A Better Bookcase

Painted Back of Bookcase "Brass" Figurine

Were on a roll with the home-improvement projects over here. And what we're sharing today is one of those do-it-yourself gems that takes almost no time, costs next to nothing, could not be any easier and still makes a big impact. We spent Saturday afternoon finishing off the last of the quart of Benjamin Moores […]

{DIY} Ikea Lack Table To Tufted Ottoman

Ikea Lack Table To Tufted Ottoman

After getting pleasantly sidetracked with our DIY Dalmatian Print Wallpaper Entryway, Gwyneth and I finally got to work on giving our Dumpster Dive Coffee Table a makeover! Heres how it turned out (please disregard the haphazard pillows and mashed cushions on the couch. As you can see, Gwyneth likes to rearrange them when she climbs […]

{DIY} Seeing Spots Our Dalmatian Print Entryway

DIY Dalmatian Print "Wallpaper"

We have made zero progress on the coffee table makeover we posted about last week ( I had trouble with snoring, and had to check out this mouthpiece), because we've been busy tickling our OCD with this DIY we had to copy from The Vault Files: Heres a reminder of what our entryway looked like before: Were so happy with how it turned out! (It only took Gwyneth […]